iMIS Tip of the Month:

Querying from iMIS Panels

So, you’ve created a custom panel using a new custom source the panel definition tools in iMIS. It works great. Users are able to log into your RiSE website and add or update custom information that is important to your business needs. 

But now you want to get that data out of iMIS but have no idea where it’s stored. How can you query the iMIS database to get information out of your custom data source?

Imagine you created a panel using a new custom source that captures emergency contact information. You named the source EmergencyContact and you added it to your new Emergency Details panel.

To capture data from the emergency contact source, all you need to do is reference the SQL view associated with the source. The format of the view’s name is vBo<Source Name>. In this case it will be vBoEmergencyContact. Therefore, to query all records from the emergency contact source you can write:

SELECT * FROM vBoEmergencyContact

If you wanted to query for a specific contact, you can do so using the ContactKey field added in the view. This field corresponds to the iMIS ID field (Name.ID) in the iMIS database. In the following example we are querying the contact information for iMIS ID 23170.

As you can see, you can now write more complex queries that link other tables in the iMIS database to build new reports and dashboards.