Staff Highlight: Lee Hornstein

Despite the many challenges presented to him at an early age, Lee Hornstein has created an extraordinary life for himself and his family. From his early days in Bridgeport, CT, where he worked hard to rise above his modest surroundings, to his commencement from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business as the first graduating class majoring in Information Systems, Lee has valued the role of education in his life. His path to success was beset by several false starts on his educational journey, time out to work and save money to pay for school, and long periods of time as a student making do on a shoestring budget.

Lee has become a successful entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience providing specialized software solutions to associations and non-profit organizations. He is the CEO of (C) Systems Global - an international provider of software and services for nonprofits including website and engagement management applications, database, event management and cloud hosting services. Lee is known among his colleagues and peers as a relationship builder. For Lee, business is personal and his focus on long-term success makes him highly regarded by employees, clients and competitors alike.

As a devoted husband and father Lee is an active presence in his family and community. He’s an enthusiastic "hockey dad" - he has even built a practice rink in his yard for his daughter Ally and son Justin to enjoy. He accompanies his wife Beth to numerous games and tournaments throughout the Northeast for both club travel teams and the boys' and girls' Westfield High School hockey teams. In fact Ally created and formed the first Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team at Westfield High School (see photo below)!

Here is a picture of Beth, Ally and Justin during a recent family vacation.

In his free time Lee is an avid golfer. He is a former club champion at the Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains, New Jersey and is currently a member at Hamilton Farm in Gladstone, New Jersey.

History of (C) Systems

Much like Lee’s personal story, the (C) Systems story has humble beginnings. The company was founded with virtually no working capital. With Lee’s wife six months pregnant with their first child, Lee left a comfortable position as an employee at a local consulting company and started (C) Systems thinking that his following of clients and talented consultants would join him at his new company. Fortunately, that risk paid off and (C) Systems grossed more than $1,000,000 in its first year of business.

Since 1980 Lee has been active in the implementation and support of sophisticated, vertical market application software. He brings a deep knowledge and understanding of project management processes, membership and fundraising applications, event management, accounting, order fulfillment, customer service, and distribution systems. In 1994, Lee began to service the non-profit market, and he has since worked with more than 250 non-profit organizations. He is focused exclusively on the tax-exempt sector, leading a professional services team implementing ASI's iMIS Engagement Management System and the etouches event and conference management software. As a longtime member of NYSAE, he has served for many years on the Technology and Education Committees and has participated in many industry events as both a speaker and coordinator of educational programs.

Company Initiative and Culture

(C) System Glolbal's core values are integrity, knowledge, people and respect.

With a focus on being the best at what it does, (C) Systems has consistently grown its client base and expanded its operations internationally. As a virtual organization, it has emerged with employees all over the US, Canada and the UK.

Employee satisfaction at (C) Systems comes not only from a friendly, collegial environment but an atmosphere of support for and appreciation of employees as people. In an era when technology companies are well-known for being male-dominated and a “boys club” Lee has chosen to hire the best talent available in the marketplace. This has resulted in a people-friendly company that offers flexible hours, a fully remote work environment, mentoring and the opportunity to innovate and advance. While loyalty isn’t a stated company value, it is apparent throughout the organization. As a testament to Lee’s reputation in the association space and non-profit community, most employees were once clients or part of client organizations.

See our last company meeting picture!

When it comes to charitable pursuits and community involvement, Lee leads by example. Lee proudly serves on the board of the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and America’s Vet Dogs®. Employees in the (C) Systems family volunteer with the homeless, for youth sports organizations, for scouting groups, helping kids with cancer, supporting local humane societies and more. As a virtual organization (C) Systems spreads its charitable largesse throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Future Plans and Expansion

This is a period of rapid growth for (C) Systems. Increases are seen in the number of clients, the number of projects for which (C) Systems is engaged and the number of employees as well. For many years (C) Systems focused exclusively on the iMIS product line for associations and non-profit organizations. In 2011 (C) Systems made an historic expansion into also representing the etouches event management and registration platform to the association and non-profit market.

Lee has added (C) Systems, UK as part of the entities under his direction. This UK based company will serve clients throughout the UK and Europe. Operations continue to grow in the US, Canada, Europe and in the Asia Pacific region.