Thoughts about Login…

We get more questions about the login process than almost any other web function. You login, your members login, and random people who buy things (or as we like to call it “Give you money!”)  login. Generally it’s a straight forward process, have an account and user credentials in iMIS, login! But sometimes it is more challenging. Here are some basic things to remember:

Password is case sensitive

This is the most common issue with the login process – people forget that the password is case sensitive. Whatever and however it was entered in iMIS must be used. On the other hand, UserName is NOT case sensitive!

An email IS needed
There must be a unique email address on the users record in iMIS. You will need to see this both on the user’s profile AND on the users credentials screen and they must be the same. Sometimes you will see they are the same yet the user continues to get an “email address is not found” error when using the Forgot Password function. When this happens, contact us and we will correct this issue for you quickly. It’s tragic, but sometimes records get out of sync with themselves, and a quick run of a SQL script will usually resolve this for you. Why does this happen? That’s the tragic part – we don’t know – it just happens.

You can add the login fields to any page on your website!
 Sometimes it’s not obvious where to login to a website – it’s “hidden in the upper navigation, or only available if your user has clicked a page that is set to require authentication. But RiSE gives you the tools to add the login challenge on any page you want.

On your content page (in Page Builder), click on Add Content, choose the Contact folder, and choose Contact Sign In from the list. You can configure this iPart to show or not show the create account, forgot password, etc options, and style it slightly different. Save and publish!


What is particularly cool about this, is if the user is already logged in, the login fields will not display!