(C)onnect Corner:

email Fields

Have you ever wondered how to prevent a registrant from using one e-mail address to validate in iMIS and another e-mail address in their etouches registration? This happens more in some organizations than others, but the result is often the friend of a member is trying to get member pricing. etouches has a simple configuration to prevent this. 

Open the standard etouches system E-mail field (found on the Active Questions page), by click the Edit icon. In the Page, format & validation section check the "Disable (lock) input if response is already populated" box. The email address in iMIS on the Profile tab for that registration will display, but will be greyed-out. Nothing can be changed. Therefore, Nancy Non-member cannot use Mary Member's email address to get reduced pricing and/or change the email address in etouches. Mary Member will be displayed as the person registering. All of the fields on the etouches Active questions page can be configured like this so it is easy for you to control what a registrant may change.

Another tip...  we recommend you do not disable visibility of the etouches Email field and change the field label of the Verify email field as the two fields serve different purposes. The standard email field will populate from iMIS. The Verify email field (regardless of its field label in etouches) will not auto-populate. If you would prefer the etouches system email field to display on the Attendee Info page, with the name and contact information, it can be moved from the etouches default Welcome page.  If you need help doing that, contact support@csystemsglobal.com and we will lend a helping hand.

Please remember (C)onnect in your iMIS or server upgrade plans!!  Let us know about your plans and we will help with your transition!