iMIS Tip of the Month:

Embedding a Google Map into a Content Page

Providing maps for your site visitors to your location, to an event location, or other important locations is very simple using RiSE and Google Maps.

First step is to browse to and look up the organization to get its address.  When the pinpoint location appears beneath your search, click the location which will open the map.

Once the map is open, locate the "Share" icon and click it. The "Share" popup will appear, select the "Embed Map" tab, select your desired map size, and then copy the provided embed code. This code will be added to a content HTML ipart within RiSE.

To add the map to your RiSE content page, either create a new page or editing an existing page. Add or open an existing content HTML iPart. Click to HTML view, then paste embed code into editing window. To make your map's width responsive, change the width setting (highlighted in yellow) to "100%" instead. This will cause the map to fill the available width regardless of screensize. Click "OK" to save content block, then save and publish. Your embedded map will then be available on your page. See embedded map below.

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