C Systems Global is a provider of world-class, enterprise-wide systems and application solutions for associations and non-profits pursuing reliable and sustainable software solutions. Our technology solutions leverage software that helps organizations manage their data, websites, eCommerce, accounting and membership solutions. Regardless of the software platforms we resell, or the product applications we've developed in-house, our most impressive offering is the high-value consulting services that empower organizations to feel confident about their technology investments and projects. We have the experience and expertise to understand not only your organization's technology infrastructure but your business rules and how your association or NFP is governed. This experience provides us with the insight to understand the most critical processes at the heart of your organization and how best to implement and leverage the technology to help you be successful.

   We are a proud solution provider of iMIS, the world's only Engagement Management System, EMS. Learn more>>

C Systems Global is a reseller of etouches, the world's most innovative event management software. We are proud to be a strategic partner of etouches and a master reseller of the solution in the iMIS community. Learn more >>

The etouches loopd mobile event app is the only event app you will ever need. etouches loopd is available on all mobile platforms. It has numerous opportunities for interaction from polls and surveys to allowing questions for speakers during presentations. Most modules of the app require no wi-fi and the app fosters audience engagement through personalization, gamification, and social sharing. Learn more >>

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The Connect product is a true integration with bi-directional data exchange between iMIS and etouches that allows organizations all the flexibility, event planning and registration tools they desire from the etouches platform with the robust membership, accounting and reporting functionality of their iMIS systems on which the organization relies. Learn more>>

Program Manager provides organizations with the ability to create, manage and market their educational programs online including an integrated shopping cart. 
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Resource Manager is an advanced resource management and scheduling application that empowers organizations to effectively manage its human resources, facility usage, and room and equipment inventory

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