is the name for the integration product that enables the etouches event management platform to correctly interface with the iMIS platform. The Connect product is a true integration with bi-directional data exchange that allows organizations all the flexibility, event planning, and registration tools they desire from the etouches platform with the robust membership, accounting, and reporting functionality of their iMIS systems on which the organization relies.

So what does this really mean?

It means that if you are already using etouches or if you really want to use the etouches platform and you already have iMIS, you don't have to worry about integration with iMIS. The Connect iMIS bridge does all the work for you to get event and transactional data from etouches into iMIS.

Think for a moment of the implications ... it means your organization can now:
  • offer single sign-on capabilities from your WCM site to the registration site to ensure accurate member authentication and an improved online experience
  • save new attendees time during the registration process by doing a new record insert into iMIS right at the time that they complete their registration for your event (you don't have to force them to wait for an iMIS ID to try to register for your event!)
  • offer registrants the ability to edit their own registration records
  • preserve your existing iMIS event and financial reporting and empower your events team to use powerful modules like eReg, eSocial, eHome, eBooth, and more!

A unique set of real time web services that provides real time integration between iMIS and etouches!

Why do you need it?

  • Because Connect is a joint development effort between etouches and C Systems of a modern SOA based interface of etouches and the iMIS platform
  • Because the integration was developed by a leading Authorized iMIS Solution Provider
  • Because Connect handles sophisticated iMIS driven rules but is simple to use and configure
  • Because Connect provides you with real time validation of membership data and demographic updates, the ability to add a new account to iMIS during the registration process, the ability for registrants to edit their own registration online, and to pass transactional submittals including credit card and AR transactions...
Need more reasons? No problem! Connect with us and we'll provide you with a personalized demonstration to show you what Connect allows you to do with etouches and iMIS!

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