Program Manager

Program Manager from (C) Systems provides full function educational program management and program marketing capabilities. It is 100% .NET and browser based with roles based security so access to the system is easily offered from any web connection. This unique software manages all aspects of program creation, scheduling, session controls, instructors and facilities and resource management. Combined with powerful on-line eCommerce and marketing capabilities, Program Manager meets the needs of the most complex education and training organizations.

How it Works

Program Coordinators now have an intuitive system to manage all program and classroom activity across one or multiple locations and campuses.

Program Manager provides advanced Security capabilities and a Communications Center connecting all users of the applications and approvers of program updates and facilities requests. Dynamic Public Website controls display up to the minute program content, program changes, instructor and facility information. A unique calendar interface filters programs by location and category and provides immediate information across thousands of program options.

The system is quite simply the most powerful off-the-shelf program management system and is available today from (C) Systems. When combined with iMIS software from Advanced Solutions International ( the two systems combined offer unparalleled CRM and Membership management capabilities.

The Power of Program Manager

Designed by and for Program Management professionals, the system addresses the needs of forward thinking:
  • Executive and Business Educators
  • Medical Educators
  • Cultural Programming
  • Community Centers
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Continuing Education Centers
  • Proprietary Training
  • Other Facility Based Training Organizations
A simple program set-up screen provides an intuitive environment for program, seminar and session creation.
Session creation couldn't be easier with information auto populating from program level definitions.

Marketing Tools That Work

For organizations promoting lots of program options Program Manager provides the following on-line web controls:
  • Category | Subcategory Searches
  • Keyword Searching (across program titles, descriptions and program categories)
  • Program Cross Listings
  • Referred Programs (people who attended this program might also be interested in)
  • Tell a friend
  • Highlighted Programs
  • Intuitive Calendars (by category and location)
  • Search by Instructor

Advanced Website Controls

Program Manager is delivered with public website controls that can be embedded within your current website. (C) Systems also offers website design and hosting services to complement our existing capabilities which include:

  • Content Management with WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Program Content and Category Descriptions
  • Easy Creation of Category and Subcategory Navigational Structure
  • User Defined Program Sort Orders within Categories
  • Graphic Image Library for Program Descriptions
  • Advanced Calendaring

Additional eCommerce Website Controls

  • Account Creation
  • Address and Demographic Maintenance
  • Interest Code and Specialty Code Updates
  • Shopping Cart Basket
  • Secure Credit Card Processing
  • Engineered for High Volume Registration Openings
  • eMail Confirmations

Need to Integrate Your Program Management and CRM Applications?

(C) Systems has been delivering integrated CRM application software, websites, and advanced Program Management for years to some of the nations largest Executive Training and program-based organizations.

Program Manager is available stand-alone, tightly integrated with iMIS software, or can be integrated to your current CRM platform.

Room and Resource Manager

Another major benefit to the Program Management Suite is the availability of the (C) Systems Room and Resource Manager software. Room and Resource Manager works hand-in-hand with Program Manager providing the ability to manage facility resources, instructors, AV equipment and catering options from a single database. Imagine having your CRM applications, your program initiatives, your facility management database, your website, and your marketing initiatives in one integrated environment. Call us today and find out more about these exciting products.