Resource Manager

Automate the Time-Consuming Process of Resource Scheduling

Resource Manager—Managing Inventory, People, and Facility Space

Managing your organization's shared meeting facilities is a lot more than just booking a conference room. Quickly finding the right space that's available and properly configured for your event sounds simple enough, but when you are managing a large number of rooms, sessions, instructors, and equipment, the task can become quite complex. Meeting managers and planners face everyday challenges to eliminate double bookings and resource shortages that are critical for productivity and cost savings. Optimally managing your valuable resources will result in significant improvements in resource utilization. You will enjoy productivity gains and positively impact your bottom line. Accurately measuring resource utilization is necessary for expansion planning and inventory management, and it requires a centralized database for analysis. This cannot be done using spreadsheets or Outlook alone.

It's Fast, Fun, and Easy to Learn

Resource Manager (RM) has all the key features required to successfully manage your facilities, providing solutions for your toughest scheduling requirements with far less effort. It provides highly functional facility and resource management capabilities for any sized organization. It's 100 percent .NET and browser based with roles-based security, so access to the system is easily offered from any web connection. The system can manage a campus, a building, single or multi-purpose rooms, instructors, and your catering operation.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Deployment—Resource Manager's browser-based architecture reduces the deployment effort.
  • Improved Reservation Workflow—Improves the reservation workflow process by using a simple intuitive space calendar to make space selection fast and easy. Finding available equipment and human resources for your reservation is simplified using advanced search tools and automated conflict checking to eliminate double booking and to identify resource shortages. Catering orders can be handled at the same time the reservation is made. Integration with the iMIS customer records makes it easy to associate customers or staff to reservations, making billing or charge back easy.
  • Improved Communication—Immediate email notification for new and updated reservations keeps everyone updated on reservation statuses. Improved billing and invoicing that is automated provides export capabilities and optional direct integration to iMIS.
  • Efficient Resource Management—Using Resource Manager allows you to achieve your goal of efficient and accurate asset management by streamlining the space, equipment, and human resources reservation process, as well as handling your catering requirements using distributed processing with centralized control. Resource Manager allows anyone to submit their shared space requirement request for approval.
  • Accurate Inventory Management—Resource Manage provides a complete inventory module to manage all of your space, equipment, human resources, and catering assets. Effective inventory management is critical to producing cost savings, and Room & Resource Manager helps by providing resource utilization analysis reporting.

Key Features


Resource Manager Outlook Reservation Manager—Empowering You to Schedule Resources Directly from Outlook

The Resource Manager Outlook Reservation Manager provides a bridge between Resource Manager and Microsoft Outlook for creating and managing reservations stored in the Resource Manager database right from your Outlook calendar. Users can quickly utilize reservation management features without leaving Microsoft Outlook. This Outlook scheduler plug-in extends the capability of Outlook from being an appointment scheduler to a meeting manager. Users simply download and install the module, and after the simple installation process, it appears as another option in the Outlook appointment interface.

The familiar Outlook environment and intuitive interface reduces training overhead. Users can take a short online tutorial and be up and running in minutes. Finding and reserving space, equipment, staff, and even catering resources can all be accomplished with a few clicks and from a single location. You'll save time by allowing anyone in the organization to book their own meeting facilities while still providing centralized control over resources. The Outlook Reservation Manager is a simple, cost effective, and very scalable solution for your shared meeting space and resource scheduling. 


  • Easy to Understand Resource Utilization—The reservation interface also includes a new graphical representation of space utilization for the selected location. Space resource utilization is displayed on a Gantt chart for a quick and easy survey of available spaces before allocation.
  • iMIS Integration—Integration with the iMIS database is provided using a powerful but easy to use search control to find clients and associate them with a reservation.
  • Automatic Synchronization—Changes to a reservation through Microsoft Outlook or Resource Manager can be shared between both applications using on-demand and automatic synchronization processes.
  • Use of Web Services—All database functionality is handled using .NET web services. These services reduce overhead and eliminate the need for expensive exchange server deployments while allowing for increased scalability with limited or no impact on systems administrators.