C Systems has a powerful single database solution that powers not just the staff functionality, but also your member engagement components. That's right—one system engages everyone! This system addresses the unique needs of associations, non-profits, charities, community centers, private clubs, and faith-based and religious organizations. It begins with iMIS from Advanced Solutions International, an industry leading non-profit system for membership, donor management, fundraising, and program registration, used by more than 4,000 organizations worldwide.  

And it gets better—two of the most powerful association software platforms, iMIS and etouches, have been integrated for years! Why settle for systems that don’t work well together? Your search for powerful event and conference management software, with full and real-time integration to your association software, is over! C Systems and etouches have created a unique and powerful suite of integration software named Connect.

In addition, Program Manager and Resource Manager from C Systems offers a very unique set of robust functionality for program management, content management, content publishing, and eCommerce.  

These seamlessly integrated systems form the basis of our core product offering, and we continually strive to enhance these products. iMIS also comes with a solid set of integration tools (web services) that allow us to integrate iMIS with virtually any other platform. Let us know if you require integration to a separate system. 

C the Difference

Contact Account Manager, Keith Perigo to discuss your integration requirements.