Report Writing

To say we have the goddess of report writing teams seems like an overstatement. However, we do. We have several staff who have spent years crafting the art of report writing using platforms such as Crystal and SSRS. 

Don't spend countless hours creating that complex report. Reach out to your trusted resource in (C) Systems to get that report created in a snap. 

Remember, using SSRS allows you to easily deploy a report online to your constituency base, i.e. reprint an invoice or confirmation, print a transcript, etc. Our team can help make that happen. 

Reports don't always require a complex SSRS or Crystal report. Often times we are finding a report can be generated using IQA (the iMIS built in query generator) and completely meet your needs. These queries can be used online and exported in a variety of formats including cvs, doc, pdf, xml and xls. Our report writing team is well versed in IQA query generation.