Community Centers

Based on many years of experience supporting leading non-profit organizations, C Systems has assembled a solution that is literally years ahead of competitive product offerings—a fully integrated eBusiness solution for large community and cultural centers and other program-based non-profits. Beginning with how your programs are marketed via your website and in your printed brochures, to providing flexible and sustainable back office membership and registration technology, leading organizations across the country are turning to C Systems and iMIS software.

One Vendor, One Database

Are you using software that doesn't integrate your key business functions? Is your membership software integrated with your Program Management and Facility Management software? Do you run stand-alone fundraising and donor management software? Have you spent small fortunes trying to build bridges between products that don't work together? At C Systems, we deliver world-class software that addresses:
  • Membership and family account maintenance
  • Donor development and patron management
  • Program management, scheduling, and program promotions
  • Event management, ticketing, and seating
  • Facilities and resource management
  • Completely integrated website management and registration tools
  • Nursery schools, daycare, and ECE activity
  • Camping applications
  • Accounting, AR cash, and credit card processing
Our solutions are delivered from one vendor with one integrated database solution. We have a very successful track record doing business with leading non-profit organizations across the Globe, all with diverse business and functional requirements.