Religious Organizations and Congregations

Based on thousands of feature requests from the nation's leading congregations, C Systems is now offering a full suite of software applications designed for the unique needs of religious organizations, temples, and congregations.

Tightly integrated with the industry leading iMIS software, this suite of Congregation Management Applications delivers membership and donor management systems that streamlines back office operations and provides web enabled functionality to engage fellow members and staff. At the core of the Congregation Management solution is iMIS from Advanced Solutions International, a powerful software solution providing a long track record of feature-rich, proven architecture widely adopted in non-profit marketplace. Congregants and their family units are easily maintained as well as extended family relationships. Detailed participation profiles and activity history are accurately tracked. Dues, special anniversaries, religious life events, early childhood programs, school registration and rosters, participation in committees, and special interest groups can now be easily managed by administrators with or without prior experience.

Standardized database templates and over 140 customized reports have been developed as a result of our work with four large temples located in New York City. The database template designs are based on a formal requirements review definition that was constructed to satisfy the needs of four diverse organizations. These database templates are available to streamline the implementation of iMIS at your organization, a tremendous time and cost savings based on our work with your colleagues.

Realizing that the advantages of advanced membership management and web-based software architecture were not being deployed to modern congregations, C Systems set out to define this functionality and deliver solutions at a reasonable cost. (C) Systems' leadership and years of experience as a software solutions provider in the non-profit market is now helping religious organizations meet the demands of complex congregational activities. Based on years of successful deployments in the religious and congregation market, C Systems offers optional modules that specifically address the needs of the modern, active congregation. They are:
  • Reserved Seating and Ticketing (High Holidays, Cultural Events)
  • Yahrzeit and Remembrance Module
  • Cemetery Management Module
  • Program Manager
  • Room and Resource Manager