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You've Got Mail!

October 8, 2018
Ahhh, the nineties when the internet was young and emails were only used as foreplay between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Times have changed and email has changed with it. In our first ever themed newsletter, C Systems Global is happy to provide you with oodles of ways to use email to make an impact with your users/members (and executives)!

Connect for MailChimp

Based on our popular Connect bridge for aventri, C Systems’ Connect for MailChimp meets an increasing need for our clients and the iMIS community looking for a low cost alternative to manage and administer bulk emails.

Send It and They Will Pay

Custom SSRS reports can be created for many different purposes, including formatted and detailed dues invoices. But what if you don’t have the time or resources to create a custom report, or your organization is cloud hosted?

Send. Resend. Then Send Another

Using the "Issue Event Confirmations" option from the Event navigation in the staff site allows you to generate both email and print confirmation letters to event registrants utilizing iMIS’s Communication Templates.

Make It Pretty!

You’re sending an email using RiSE and want it to stand out from the crowd (and not include ASI’s logo). What’s a Marketing Coordinator to do? Add your own branding!

Did you know? - Use IQA to Populate Informz Target Groups

Did you know? Informz emails can be sent using an IQA built in iMIS? It’s true and here’s how!

Did you know? - Process Automation has Scheduling Limitations

Did you know? In Process Automation, you can’t schedule an email task to run every 10 minutes.

It's Showtime!

We love to see you in person - up close and personal. Come see us at one of these events.