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Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Some Gifts!

December 5, 2018
Welcome to December and the time of giving! While some of us are waiting for a pony – technically that’s getting - others are more altruistic and are looking for ways to give. In this edition of the C Systems Global newsletter, we talk about gifts – whether they be ways to set up giving campaigns or gifts to you, our clients.

Our Gift to You

Values matter.

More than 13 years ago the staff at C Systems got together for our annual company meeting. Our group exercise back then was to define and produce our Core Values - values that we could be proud of and values that would define who we are and what our clients could expect by doing business with us. Those values live on today and still frame everything we do.

In a world where we are bombarded by messages of fake news, data breaches and losing touch with the client, C Systems remains true to our core values. We're here when you need us - 24x7. It's our culture - no exceptions, no excuses!.

Integrity . Knowledge . People . Respect

Our gift to you this holiday season and every day of the year is our commitment to our Core Values.

From all of us to all of you we wish you peace, love, and understanding this holiday season.

Our Gift to You

A special message to all our clients from our CEO, Lee Hornstein,
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Fundraising Dynamic Gift Arrays

Asking for donations for your association can be a daunting endeavor. Knowing how much to ask for on your donation pages in RiSE can be dynamically configured based on information/data already stored in your iMIS database. The donation creator iPart has three methods to allow users to set the dollar amount for the gift during their donation process:

  1. Open Ended Donations - Every donor provides amount of gift via text box
  2. Array Set - provides a pre-determined set of gift amounts
    1. Uses general/validation table: GIFT_AMOUNT
    2. Array is set per distribution (when adding a record to the GIFT_AMOUNT validation table):
      1. Code: is the distribution code for the donation
      2. Description: the gift array
        1. Enter a comma-separated list of gift values that you want to appear in the list
        2. For example, entering 50,100,200,500 results in a radio list of those values displayed on the page
        3. To pre-select an option, precede the number with an asterisk: 15,*25,75
        4. To display a single Gift Amount field with a pre-populated gift amount, enter a single amount. For example, *25
      3. Expansion: not utilized
    3. Other amount is always an option (via a radio option and text box)
  3. Dynamic Array Based on Previous Gift - this is the most fluid option and can be defined based on any information in your iMIS database
    1. If a user has a previous gift, the array is calculated based on that gift amount
      1. User gave $100 previously, amounts would be:
      2. User gave $200 previously, amounts would be:
    2. If a user does not have a previous gift, the array set for the distribution is used
    3. Other amount is always an option
    4. This dynamic array is set on the Donation Creator iPart via an IQA query
      1. The standard query: $/Fundraising/DefaultSystem/Queries/ProductFundraising/GiftArray
      2. That IQA uses the vGiftArray SQL view to calculate the values based on the last gift
      3. As with any configurable IQA, any information in the iMIS database can be utilized to provide a more appropriate gift array to your authenticated visitors

For more information, you can read up on the Donation Creator iPart on ASI's help site.

Dynamic Gift Arrays

Asking for a donation can be a fickle thing. Personalizing the donation creator iPart makes it easier to reel in the big fish.
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Donor Clubs

Ever wonder how to make giving fun for your larger donors? Recognize them! iMIS makes it easy by using the Donor Club functionality in the Fundraising module. You can setup Donor Clubs in iMIS Fundraising, automate their calculation/assignments, and recognize your givers all at once. Here's a step by step to set this up:

  • In the Advanced Accounting Console (or IMIS Classic Desktop) go to Settings > Fundraising > Set up tables > Donor clubs.
  • Enter the amount needed to qualify for this particular donor club.
  • Enable the Cash Only option if only cash gifts are applicable and not pledges or in-kind gifts.
Additionally, you can set up qualification for Club Levels based on contribution amounts in various time periods, (within a calendar year vs lifetime vs specified span of days, etc). Also, qualifying donations can be limited to certain appeals, campaigns or funds.  

When a donor reaches the requirements for a specific level, a DONORCLUB activity is added to their record automatically.  This displays in the Classic Desktop (AAC) under the Fundraising tab > Donor Recognition

If you don't see the DONORCLUB activity in the Activities-All view, you may need to create the DONORCLUB activity type.  

Although standard OMNIS reports exist for Donor Club Summary and Donor Club Detail, new Staff Site reporting options can be created using IQA queries or SSRS. The standard Donor Club Detail report (Classic Desktop AAC) will show the highest donor club achieved by an individual.  Queries can be tied to a communication template for personalized email Donor Club acknowledgement emails.

In this season of giving, why not give back to your givers by setting up a Donor Club and spotlight their awesomeness!

Donor Clubs

Contrary to popular belief, Donor Clubs aren't a meeting of blood donors! Find out how to spotlight and recognize your larger donors.
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Matching Gift Campaigns

Did you know that iMIS provides an easy way to create, track, and invoice companies that have established a Matching Gift Campaign? Sure, it can't auto-create the matching gift, but with the tools available, creating Matching Gift Campaigns is an exciting way to increase your fundraising efforts.

 Start by choosing a company and then start setting up their campaign:

  1. Select the Matching Plans tab. Enter the percentage of the matching contribution in the Match % field.
  2. (optional) Enter the minimum contribution needed to qualify for the matching plan in the Minimum Contribution field.
  3. Enter the maximum contribution that qualifies for the matching plan in the Maximum Contribution field.
  4. (optional) Enter the start and end dates for the matching plan in the Start Date and End Date fields. If no Start Date is specified, the matching plan is effective immediately. If no End Date is specified, the matching plan is effective until it is deleted.
  5. (optional) Enter the Form Number associated with the matching plan.
  6. (optional) Enter any Notes associated with the matching plan.
  7.  Click Save.

 Process a Gift.
Note: The donor needs to be associated via CO_ID with the Matching Gift Company.
  1. Go to Fundraising
  2. Enter a new donation
  3. Choose the Matching Tap and choose the Matching Campaign code


  1. Go to Fundraising >> Generate reports >> Reports Matching Gift Reports
  2. The Matching Gift shows up as a Pledge:​​

Matching Gift Campaigns

Normally, a "Matching Gift" would be TWO ponies, but in the iMIS world, it's a great way to increase your fundraising efforts!
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We Give ‘till it Feels Good!

Every year during the holiday season, C Systems Global donates to local food banks where we have a concentration of clients. It’s our way to give back to these communities and honor our clients at the same time. But, in addition to our company contributions, our fantastic staff gives of both their time and money. We wanted to spotlight these amazing people (and their families) who, even though they seemingly work around the clock, find time to give back.

Steve Wooton donates his time on the board to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation and also plays Santa for the kids. With the money earned, he purchases socks to hand out to the homeless.

Laurie Kelly’s two boys both participate in youth sports which are active in giving back to their communities. Tiger’s Peewee AA Thunder team collected food for the Georgetown Food Basket and collected wash cloths and cutlery for the Toronto Ronald McDonald’s House. James’ Midget Hockey team collected carloads of clothing and distributed them to the homeless in Toronto’s Moss Park. 

John Nicoletta, his wife and son will be heading to Puerto Rico in February to help rebuild homes damaged by last year’s hurricane.  

Lee Hornstein is active with the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs serving on their Board of Directors for 4 years. He also supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and his wife Beth has been Chair of Play for Pink the last 10 years, a fundraising day that includes 150 Ladies all dressed in pink.  They’ve raised approximately $400,000 over the last 10 years

Nadine Wychreschuk gives to the Canadian Cancer Society, BC Cancer Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Wildlife Foundation, Canadian Red Cross, Knowledge Network, Refugee One, Vancouver Food Bank, Burnaby Food Bank, Parkinson Canada, Alzheimer Society of Canada, and CNIB Foundation.  

CJ Vicarel supports the Steve’s Garage Annual Ride to Sturgis, SD which benefits Motorcycle Missions, Bikers Against Bullies, and the Cecil Dye Foundation which supports families in the greater Cincinnati region affected by cancer. 

Tina Riffle is on the board of the South Texas Rodeo Association (STXHRA). Their first play day rodeo will benefit the Shiner's Hospital for Children in Houston.  100% of the proceeds from this day go to SHFC will be and presented to their Board in February. 

Yvonne Orrin volunteers with the Owosso Band Boosters.

Keith Perigo  and his family donate their time to the Salvation Army by “ringing the bell” and sponsoring families in need. They also are active hosting fundraising events for the March of Dimes and Ronald McDonald House throughout the rest of the year.

Lori Bertrand supports Hospice Care of Ottawa by volunteering in the Homes for the Holidays event.  

Our list is much longer but these are the people who didn’t mind us talking about them.  The C Systems staff are not only charitable, they are great people who care.

We Give ‘till it Feels Good!

Some people give 'till it hurts, but the staff at C Systems give 'till it feels good!
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Did You Know? Using the Staff Site for Quick Gift Entry

You can use the staff site to enter multiple gifts quickly by setting default values that apply to all gifts entered in a single session.

iMIS 2017 lets you set defaults for Date received, Batch, Distribution, Salutation, Appeal, Merge, Campaign, Sender, Fund, Pay by (payment type), Gift type (gift or single pledge), Gift amount, Description, and Notes. With the exception of the Date received, Batch, and Gift type, all of these defaults are optional. You then tell iMIS how many rows to pre-populate with the defaults, and iMIS builds a table that allows you to fill in the blanks, and rapidly process multiple donations at once.

Looking forward to iMIS 20.3, iMIS no longer builds a grid, but it lets you set up default values to pre-populate the Amount, Gift item (distribution), and Source code with defaults. It then allows you to fill in all the other details including pledge installments and payments, soft credits, and more.

Did You Know?

You can use the staff site to enter multiple gifts quickly by setting default values that apply to all gifts entered in a single session.
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It's Showtime!

We learned to share in Kindergarten - here’s what we’re sharing with you:

  • December 11, 2018 at 11 AM ET: Alternatives to Crystal Reports - Presenter: John Nicoletta, Senior Applications Consultant 
  • January 9, 2019 at 10 AM ET: aventri for Associations - Presenter: Kenton Douglas, Senior Applications Consultant 
  • January 23, 2019 at 11 AM ET: RiSE Basics: Site Builder - Presenter: Eric Tarasewicz, Web and Applications Development Specialist

It's Showtime!

We learned to share in Kindergarten - here’s what we’re sharing with you.
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