C Systems Newsletter

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Some Gifts!

December 5, 2018
Welcome to December and the time of giving! While some of us are waiting for a pony – technically that’s getting - others are more altruistic and are looking for ways to give. In this edition of the C Systems Global newsletter, we talk about gifts – whether they be ways to set up giving campaigns or gifts to you, our clients.

Our Gift to You

A special message to all our clients from our CEO, Lee Hornstein,

Dynamic Gift Arrays

Asking for a donation can be a fickle thing. Personalizing the donation creator iPart makes it easier to reel in the big fish.

Donor Clubs

Contrary to popular belief, Donor Clubs aren't a meeting of blood donors! Find out how to spotlight and recognize your larger donors.

Matching Gift Campaigns

Normally, a "Matching Gift" would be TWO ponies, but in the iMIS world, it's a great way to increase your fundraising efforts!

We Give ‘till it Feels Good!

Some people give 'till it hurts, but the staff at C Systems give 'till it feels good!

Did You Know?

You can use the staff site to enter multiple gifts quickly by setting default values that apply to all gifts entered in a single session.

It's Showtime!

We learned to share in Kindergarten - here’s what we’re sharing with you.