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What's Love Got To Do With It?

February 8, 2019
Um, everything! We slid this edition of the C Systems Global newsletter back a little so we can focus on love – it is that time of year. Everyone loves something – puppies & kitties, money, chocolate, a foot rub – something. C Systems loves our clients, our people, aventri, our Core Values, Connect for Mailchimp, long walks on a beach, and C Systems loves iMIS. Take our hand and let us take you to the Love Shack and show you some C LOVE!

Falling in Love with iMIS (again)

It's said that mature love is the most fulfilling and long-lasting. Undoubtedly, iMIS is the most mature AMS on the market with the longest relationship with the association community. The problem for most of us is that mature love just doesn't sound sexy and we haven't invested time into seeing what iMIS can really do in 2019.

This Valentine's Day we invite you to join our webinar to find out why organizations are falling in love with iMIS again. Associations that thought they knew iMIS are seeing sparks fly when they see what the platform and the iMIS ecosystem can offer. Where other AMS' have broken hearts, iMIS remains the steady heartbeat of thousands of associations worldwide.
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Fall in Love with iMIS (Again)

Have your “Something’s Gotta Give” moment and join us February 14 at 11:00am (EDT) and watch iMIS get it’s sexy on.
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Privacy please.

On February 2nd, 2019 C Systems Global’s Privacy Shield Self Certification was approved!  All of our international and North American clients can rest assured that C Systems Global will comply with the Privacy Shield Principles and we are on record and agreeing to the enforcement of these principals under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act prohibiting unfair and deceptive acts in or affecting commerce.

Why is this a big deal?  C Systems Global is committed to providing services that are compliant with GDPR and Privacy Shield principals.  Not only are we servicing clients in the EU, we are servicing clients that are based in North America that have large amounts of international data, primarily membership and commerce data.  With operations in the US, Canada and the UK we are sensitive to our client’s and our own Data Privacy Policies and are committed to adhering to the most current and most rigorous laws and standards.

… and it’s sexy to be one of the first AiSPs to have this important form of protection! 

Privacy please.

On February 2nd, 2019 C Systems Global’s Privacy Shield Self Certification was approved! Whether you are in Europe or North America, this means C Systems is legally certified to protect you!
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Breaking Up is Hard To Do

(Not!) Sometimes you need a reason to move on from your first love - iMIS 10.6 anyone? We’ve gathered some short snapshots (not those kind of pictures!) that will make you want to jump feet first into a whirlwind romance. These are just a few of things we love and are gonna love -a lot!

The Sequel to SQL - You may have been wondering what was going to happen to all those SQL case statements in your organization’s fancy special pricing rules, once you move away from the desktop and take the plunge into web-only iMIS. Although legacy rules created in the iMIS ‘classic’ desktop will continue to work, you won’t be able to update them in the staff site. ASI has the answer, though, and has been busy working on adding an Expression builder to the Business Object Designer. We are loving the idea of having the ability to add fields based on complex calculations and functions, which can then be used in special pricing formulas. That isn’t the only place they can be used, though. We especially love that you will also be able to build IQA queries using these new fields, which will allow your queries to be more dynamic than ever before – all without ever logging onto a server and opening SSMS.

iMIS 2017 Service Packs - We loooove how ASI continues to add features and resolve issues through the release of Service Packs for iMIS 2017.  As of this writing, the latest Service Pack is the letter O and they are currently working on readying Service Pack P. Unlike in the past, these service packs are not just correcting problems, they are bringing new, requested functionality and we love that ASI listens to you. To see what’s happening, review the release notes here to see if there is something you love. And don’t forget – take a service pack out on a first date to make sure you’re compatible – aka apply it against a Dev/Test environment first so you have the opportunity to evaluate the effect it will have on iMIS.

Let's Connect - We've all wanted to make it easier for site visitors to quickly and easily reach out and share what's on their mind (both good and naughty). The new "Contact Us" iPart will give RiSE sites a seamless way to deploy a simple contact form which will send the message to staff members via email. With configuration options allowing you to set a subject line prefix (for email software rules), who the email is going to (along with CC and BCC options) and a reply to option to provide better deliverability. This new iPart will also keep the bots away using CAPTCHA security. Yeah baby!

It's not red, the color of love, but... - With the new versions of iMIS (cloud and future release), come a new theme for use. It's a softer, more gentler theme based off of the Natural Heritage Site template called: Glacier Bay. With the loving touch of a violet, blue, beige and off-white (perhaps a mother-of-pearl white and who doesn't love their mothers?), this new theme is a welcome change from the previous sample theme, Great Barrier Reef.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Not! Sometimes you need a reason to move on from your first love - iMIS 10.6 anyone? We’ve gathered some short snapshots (not those kind of pictures!) that will make you want to jump feet first into a whirlwind romance.
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Our Secret Rendezvous  (Adding a Google Map to a RiSE Page)

Need to rendezvous at a special place with a friend or colleague? Follow the instructions below - we’ve come up with this sexy and easy way to display a Google Map on a web page.

To embed a Google Map into a page, first go to www.google.com/maps . Search for the destination such as a hotel, motel, or your own pad --whatever location you want to map.

Begin typing and when the matching selection pops up, select that item. In this case, "Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise."

When the resulting window opens, click the "Share" link.

Then select the "Embed a map" link.

Then select the "Copy HTML" link which will copy the embed code into your computer's clipboard.

To add the embed code to a RiSE page. Create or open an existing page. Add a Content HTML iPart to the page. Then switch to HTML view in the content editor.

Paste the embed code by right clicking on your mouse and selecting paste. Once you have pasted the embed code, edit the code slightly to change the width to 100% instead of a fixed width. This will maintain the responsiveness of the layout. Once you're done, save and publish the page.

The Rendezvous Map

And voila you have a map for your rendezvous.

Our Secret Rendezvous

Oh, don’t remember where it is? Bummer no more! We’ve come up with a sexy way to display a Google Map on a web page we’ve created especially for you, baby.
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At Long Last Love

We need to talk. Talk about PCI Compliance, iMIS and you. It may be a troubled love triangle or it may be a smooth relationship but it can't be ignored. 

A couple of years ago, the credit card companies and regulatory groups, began an initiative to find ways to protect consumers. Although this has always been their goal, it is now an organized effort with various rules and regulations enacted to ensure that consumer data is protected. Most of these rules are common sense but some are challenging. iMIS has come a long way in the past two years to help. iMIS has been officially PCI Validated and continues to keep abreast of this changing landscape.

But are you taking advantage of these changes in iMIS by upgrading to the latest GA? Keeping up to date with patches? Like any relationship, you must take the time and pay attention to this relationship between iMIS and PCI Compliance. The simple things are reviewing your server logs, data files (especially Credit Card numbers) and making sure your servers and software are up to date.

The more challenging aspects of PCI Compliance, as we've seen over the past two years, have to do with TLS 1.2, TLS 1.0 and Diffie-Hellman cipher. You must now have TLS 1.2 turned on to process credit cards.  In current versions of iMIS you can turn off TLS 1.0 and Diffie-Hellman cipher without any issues, however, be very cautious on older versions. Shutting off 1.0 on an Application server will stop iMIS desktop from working. And don't forget to think about other applications you are using (Web applications, 3rd party products). Don’t assume that turning off server settings won’t affect other things. Have a plan and test the plan. Remember the relationship - you don't buy a new couch without seeing if it will match the room!

Spring is coming and it's time to clean your "server" house too. Do you really need the registration form from the 2015 annual meeting or that database backup from 2 years ago? These are all security flaws that can destroy the relationship between you, iMIS, and PCI Compliance. 

So this Valentine's Day, spend some quality time (during the day!) reviewing your networks and processes to ensure that they are in PCI compliance. It's the perfect way to spread that love to your members.

At Long Last Love

Let’s talk about that strained relationship between PCI Compliance, iMIS and you. Yes, it’s been a troubled relationship in the past, however, it’s a relationship worth working on and that’s exactly what’s been happening in iMIS.
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You like Me! You Really Like Me!

C Systems may be a company, but we have feelings too. When our clients take their valuable time to let us know how they feel about us, we listen, our hearts swell, and sometimes we shed a little tear of gratitude. Here's how you've shown us your love.
"I can only say one thing on the support team FANTASTIC SERVICE please keep it up. Very few companies provide such a good support."

"The usual prompt and excellent assistance."

"Solved a problem I didn't even report. Thank you!"

"Superb Service!!!"

"My experience was great because I got answers to my questions very quickly."


"You have an amazing team, responsive and supportive. Especially important in small environments like mine, where we have little expertise and many emergencies!" 

"Awesome. Thanks for going the extra mile to help me close my monthly batches on time."

"Couldn't be happier. Thanks for your continued thorough, helpful approach."
And some individual shout outs:
"I am now Hooten for Wooten!"

"Quick to respond as usual - thanks Yvonne :)"

"Nadine rocks"

"Awesome help from Robert yesterday! Thanks so much for the tips and information. Good working with him again."

"Glory to Lori!"

"Pam is awesome!! She fixed a problem in etouches we didn't even know we had....that's service!!!"

"Marcus Smeeth is the man. he was on it from the get go!"

"Roger always seems to know what to do."

"Kenton is terrific."

"Andrew was great to work with." 

"Because C Systems uses whatever resources needed to get the job done in a timely way. Thank you Jim and Robert."
From all of us at C Systems, we thank you for your comments and support. 

You like Me! You Really Like Me!

C Systems may be a company, but we have feelings too. When our clients take their valuable time to let us know how they feel about us, we listen, our hearts swell, and sometimes we shed a little tear of gratitude.
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