C Systems Newsletter

What's Love Got To Do With It?

February 8, 2019
Um, everything! We slid this edition of the C Systems Global newsletter back a little so we can focus on love – it is that time of year. Everyone loves something – puppies & kitties, money, chocolate, a foot rub – something. C Systems loves our clients, our people, aventri, our Core Values, Connect for Mailchimp, long walks on a beach, and C Systems loves iMIS. Take our hand and let us take you to the Love Shack and show you some C LOVE!

Fall in Love with iMIS (Again)

Have your “Something’s Gotta Give” moment and join us February 14 at 11:00am (EDT) and watch iMIS get it’s sexy on.

Privacy please.

On February 2nd, 2019 C Systems Global’s Privacy Shield Self Certification was approved! Whether you are in Europe or North America, this means C Systems is legally certified to protect you!

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Not! Sometimes you need a reason to move on from your first love - iMIS 10.6 anyone? We’ve gathered some short snapshots (not those kind of pictures!) that will make you want to jump feet first into a whirlwind romance.

Our Secret Rendezvous

Oh, don’t remember where it is? Bummer no more! We’ve come up with a sexy way to display a Google Map on a web page we’ve created especially for you, baby.

At Long Last Love

Let’s talk about that strained relationship between PCI Compliance, iMIS and you. Yes, it’s been a troubled relationship in the past, however, it’s a relationship worth working on and that’s exactly what’s been happening in iMIS.

You like Me! You Really Like Me!

C Systems may be a company, but we have feelings too. When our clients take their valuable time to let us know how they feel about us, we listen, our hearts swell, and sometimes we shed a little tear of gratitude.