Connect for Zoom

In the last few months there is a very high probability that you’ve used Zoom HD Video Conferencing. Maybe it was for a Corporate Meeting or a Virtual Conference, or even just a casual Happy Hour with friends and family, you’d be hard-pressed to stay connected without being invited to a Zoom happening. 

Zoom Video Conferencing technology has soared in popularity since COVID-19 sent millions of Americans into quarantine, dramatically surging from 10 million daily meeting participants in 2019 to over 300 million each month and counting. 

This web-based, video conferencing tool can be used from your desktop or mobile device and allows users to meet online with or without video. It’s essential for staying connected and C Systems Global wants to help you take advantage of this superior technology that is here to stay! 

Connect for Zoom offers full integration between iMIS Events and Zoom. 

Users that are registered for iMIS events are automatically registered for a Zoom meeting, giving each attendee a personal “Join” link for each event. This integration is a significant time saver for your event staff, as the need to setup and send multiple invitations or logins is diminished. There is no additional setup required. 

Key Features:

  • All data resides in iMIS within the attendee record 
  • Works with any iMIS Event—Educational, Committee and Social events are all supported  
  • Utilize the robust video conferencing features of Zoom  
    • Screen and Content Sharing  
    • Chat and Messaging Features 
    • Scalable Group and Multiple-participant Meetings  
    • Accessible from Desktop, Phone or Tablet  
    • Private Meeting Rooms  
    • HD video and voice features 
    • Fun Virtual background 
    • Privacy and Security Measures  
    • Online Support  
    • And Much More!  

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