What C Systems Does Best

We deliver sound strategy, best practices, and a deep understanding of delivering technical solutions to associations and other non profits in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Most of all we do what we say we're going to do, we are a trusted and reliable professional services resource to a large number of clients.

C Systems Global is also a partner and solutions provider of two widely used software platforms focused on servicing the needs of the industry-leading nonprofits in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. Our partners are:

  • Advanced Solutions International - ASI is the developer of iMIS, the leading engagement management platform focused on meeting the needs of the nonprofit marketplace. C Systems is one of ASI's largest partners and was named Authorized iMIS Solution Provider of the Year for 2014.
  • aventri - a rapidly growing SaaS software company. C Systems is aventri's largest partner. The company serves the global meetings, conferences, and events industry and has offices in Norwalk, CT, Reading, UK and Sydney, Australia.

We have a simple company philosophy that has served us well over the years: we are technology focused and relationship driven. Our staff is committed to providing services that are beyond our customers' highest expectations. We are convinced that this is the essence of C Systems. It is the foundation of our success, and will serve us well as we continue to grow and recruit highly skilled consultants and developers into our organization.

If you feel that you would enjoy working in our environment, we are always searching for the very best people - motivated independent thinkers and doers who will help us achieve our mission. Please forward your resume to careers@csystemsllc.net.

What's Up at C Systems Global

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3etouches for Associations2013-04-092013-04-0912:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130408etouches is a web-based suite of integrated event planning software tools that help event and meeting professionals perform every function in the event planning lifecycle. Join us and see how this platform works exceptionally well for the association market.
11IQA Basics2013-04-102013-04-1010:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130410Ever wonder where IMIS stores the data you need for the searches or reports you are trying to create? Come join us for a peek into the backend table structures of iMIS.
16SSRS Introduction2013-04-112013-04-1110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130411We will turn an IQA query into an SSRS report, and then take that report and modify it to look the way we want. Finally, pull the modified report into the iMIS document system and use an iPart to display it on the web.
17Canadian Tax Changes 20132013-04-162013-04-1610:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130416Have you updated IMIS to reflect the recent 2013 changes to Canadian taxes in Quebec, PEI, and BC? If unsure or need some help, please join us for a review of the changes needed in your iMIS configurations.
12IQA Advanced2013-04-172013-04-1710:0010:45#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130417Are you already using IQA for basic queries but want to know about advanced functionality? Come join us for an Advanced overview of the Intelligent Query Architect (IQA).
18Intro to eHome – Event Websites are easy using eHome2013-05-082013-05-0813:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130508Not sure how to optimize eHome, please join us to see how easy it is to utilize eHome for your event or registration. We'll show you some tips and tricks on how you can build your event or registration website quickly!!
20Going Mobile - RiSE Mobile Websites2013-05-152013-05-1510:3011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130515BDid you know iMIS's RiSE product allows your association to encorporate a mobile friendly website? It does! And the best part is it is an 'out of the box' feature. Come learn the difference between a full website and a mobile friendly site. And how you can get started with your very own mobile site today!
19Big Data Analysis with iMIS Continuum2013-05-152013-05-1514:0014:40#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130515iMIS 20 enables customers to realize continuous performance improvement with iMIS Continuum. This webinar will explain what Continuum is and some of its new features, including the Guided Performance Scorecard (GPS), charts, and dashboards. Plus, learn how iMIS 20 can support your organizations' measurement strategy.
21Fast Forms2013-05-162013-05-1600:0000:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130516Fast Forms is an iPart available for purchase that allows for the easy creation of online forms. See examples of how clients are using these iPart for custom Join Processes, Online Certification and more. The functionality allows for Association specific business needs while not incurring customization costs all while allowing for an engaging member platform.
22Moves Management - Manage your Major Donors2013-05-232013-05-2310:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130523Need a more efficient way to manage your Major Donors? Moves Management and is a new collection of 'out of the box' iParts that provide an online framework for IMIS users to manage Major Gift Donors and their movement through a Cultivation plan.
23Certification Case Study2013-05-292013-05-2913:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130529Have certification requirements? Want to put more of the functionality in the hands of your members? From purchasing to uploading documents, or inputting external CEU credits, here is a great case study highlighting the certification needs of a client.
24Using the eProject module in etouches2013-06-042013-06-0413:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130604EZ step by step of using eProject to help manage all your tasks for your event.
25Room & Resource Manager Overview2013-06-052013-06-0515:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130605See how RRM provides Resource management, scheduling logistics and cost control for your events and conferences.
26Leverage iMIS to Send Targeted Emails2013-06-112013-06-1113:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130611Learn how you can work smarter with Informz for iMIS. An hour is all it takes to learn how Informz can help you improve your efficiency and email marketing effectiveness through our seamless integration to iMIS.
27eScheduler via etouches - Managing your events rooms2013-06-142013-06-1410:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130614Did you remember that you needed an extra mic for that workshop? Now you have a way to organize your event rooms easily!
28EZ Central - Point of Sale2013-06-192013-06-1912:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130619See how fast and simple it is to combine multiple orders, registrations and payments including credits on account using EZCentral's streamlined user interface and work flow.
29Managing your IQA Queries2013-06-252013-06-2515:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130625Having trouble with keeping your queries organized, or just plain can't find them. We will share with you some best practices to keep those handy queries in their place.
30User Defined Fields - How to Create Them2013-07-092013-07-0912:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130709What are the steps in creating new user defined fields, best practices, and options? And ultimately how do you make those available to your constituency to view and/or edit online?
31PM Series & Package Sales2013-07-102013-07-1012:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130710This new module adds personal training, fitness, spa and merchandise product sales capabilities to Program Manager. Series Sales has advanced marketing features that provide tools to market products using powerful Buy Again, Up-Sell, Cross Sell and Special Offer promotion techniques.
32etouches eSocial - Social Networking for Your Event!2013-07-172013-07-1713:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130717Using etouches, eSocial, module you can create a social network for your event's attendees pre, during and after your event.
33etouches - Start to Finish Event Management2013-07-262013-07-2613:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130726Join us to see how etouches works seamlessly with iMIS and is the winning combination for event management. etouches delivers functionality that makes event planners happy. Check it out!
34Trainer Scheduling2013-07-312013-07-3111:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130731Sell and manage client training packages and session availability. Find personal trainers based on availability and client preferences. Schedule trainers and training space using a finely tuned intuitive workflow process.Handle rescheduling and cancellations easily.
35etouches eBooth2013-07-312013-07-3112:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130731BPresenter: Donna Nocero
Creating your exhibitor floor plan and letting your exhibitors and/or attendees view it.
36Activities - 1012013-08-012013-08-0111:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130801Activities are one of the unsung heroes of iMIS. Learn how utilizing activities in a multitude of out-of-the-box ways can track all types of engagement. This session will go back to the basics on creating new activities types, best practices, and review various usage options.
37Committees - 1012013-08-062013-08-0614:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130806The committee module can be used for much more than simple committees. Check out this session to learn how to track everything from awards to volunteers. We will take you through the basics of setting up new committees and best practices to keep it simple and organized.
38etouches eSelect - Call for papers/Abstracts Module2013-08-072013-08-0715:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130807Manage your Call for Abstracts/Speakers easily with etouches eSelect.>
39(C) Help Desk & Portal Utilization2013-08-272013-08-2713:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130827Take advantage of the (C) Systems support team for those day to day needs. Learn how you can best request help, and review the status of those requests.
40Debit Memos2013-09-042013-09-0412:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130904How to create them, and better yet how to use them!
41Navigation Management2013-09-052013-09-0509:3010:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130905During this session we will show you how to create new navigation within RiSE, the iMIS web engagement platform. Beyond that how to move Navigation, secure it and much more.
42eMobile for etouches2013-09-182013-09-1812:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130918A web based mobile app that integrates with eReg.
43eScan - Make the Most Out of Your Attendee Badges2013-09-242013-09-2414:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130924Learn how to create badges with etouches eScan, so your exhibitors can get the most out of your attendees.
44iMIS Utilities - What Comes with the System?2013-09-262013-09-2614:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20130926Find out about the capabilities of iMIS utilities and how and when to use them.
45How to Manage Your Hotel Block in etouches2013-10-012013-10-0112:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131001Join us for a quick walk thru on the advantages of using the hotel options etouches has to offer.
46RiSE Shortcuts2013-10-022013-10-0215:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131002Learn what a shortcut is, how the system uses them, how to edit existing shortcuts, and create new ones. During this session you will see which ones come with the system and how to make sure your content pages are being used with your RiSE site.
47SSRS - Taking Your Reports Online2013-10-032013-10-0312:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131003See how simple it is to deploy your reports online, secure them and have them be dynamic to the individual authenticated users. The application is endless. Join us to take your reports online!
48eCommunities2013-10-222013-10-2215:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131022Create communities for your committees, event attendees, etc. They will have forums, blogs, wikis and much more at their finger tips.Come learn about the great social networking options within iMIS.
49Events 1012013-10-252013-10-2501:3014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131025See what iMIS20 has to offer for Events. Join us as we walk through the basics.
50Basic HTML for eHome and Emails2013-11-052013-11-0515:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131105Some tricks and tips on the etouches' WYSIWYG editor and HTML. With the knowledge in this session, you can create vibrant webpages and emails.
51Certification 1012013-11-062013-11-0612:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131106Get the lowdown on what iMIS has to offer for certification.
53RiSE Best Practices2013-11-072013-11-0710:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131107AHear from the experts on RiSE best practices to help your association become more engaging.
52iMIS Advanced Communities2013-11-072013-11-0711:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131107If your association is looking to take social networking to the next level, come check out what iMIS has to offer.
54IMIS Server Configuration Options2013-11-182013-11-1813:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131118Confused about what your server configuration options are? Listen to our expert review the scenarios and best practices.
55Joining Online Exists in iMIS 202013-11-192013-11-1910:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131119Come see what the standard join online functionality has to offer.
56Rearchitecture2013-11-202013-11-2012:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131120AThinking about re-organizing data or changing your membership structure. Our expert will review the items to consider and best practices.
57etouches - Reporting2013-11-212013-11-2110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131121Learn how to make your own filters and views for your reports and how to create custom reports - as simple as drag and drop.
58Data Integrity2013-11-222013-11-2213:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131122How do you keep your data clean? We will review best practices based on real life experiences.
64Online Donations2014-01-082014-01-0811:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140108AiMIS20 comes with the ability to have online donations. We will review the configuration options you get out-of-the-box for taking donations online and boosting your fundraising initiatives.
63WebFormZ2014-01-082014-01-0815:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140108What is all the hype about WebFormZ? This awesome module makes mad forms manageable. Attend and get an overview from the expert.
66Tracking Engagement2014-01-092014-01-0910:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140109BHow to use iMIS out-of-the-box to track your member's engagement, set goals, and review data graphically real-time.
65Managing Batches2014-01-092014-01-0912:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140109Are batches getting the best of you? This session will walk through the configuration options and how to make batches serve as the proper checks/balances and easy reconciliation.
67Create an Event2014-01-142014-01-1415:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140114What are the options when creating an event? Learn where and how to set-up a simple event to a more complex event.
68Acquisition Management Introduction2014-01-192014-01-1914:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140119 
69Lead VS. Manage2014-01-202014-01-2012:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140120Are you a leader or a manager? Come see the difference and how you can alter your approach to invoke the change you want at your association.
70Dive into the iMIS 20 Content Items2014-01-212014-01-2112:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140121We will review some of our favorite content items that come with iMIS20 - Panel Editor, Group Editor, and much more.
71RiSE Content Tagging2014-01-222014-01-2215:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140122Tagging content in RiSE is simple to do, but what are best practices in setting up your taxonomy and making them work for you.
72Committees - Web Usage2014-01-232014-01-2312:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140123No more re-entering committee information onto your website. Leverage iMIS20 and show your member's committee involvement online.
59Data Entry Tips & Tricks2014-02-082014-02-0811:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131408You can't get enough iMIS Tips and Tricks when it comes to making data entry/usage easier and more efficient.Our expert will share some of the best practices for keeping it streamlined.
73Managing Your Event Hotel Block2014-02-102014-02-1010:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140210Did you know etouches allows you to manage one or multiple hotel blocks for your upcoming events. Join us to see just how easy it can be.
75WebFormz - Client Case Study2014-02-112014-02-1110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140211BHear from Karen Hartsuff of Michigan Farm Bureau talk about WebFormz. She will showcase an existing live form, the ease of use, and their future plans.
74Creating Live Links Online thru IQA2014-02-112014-02-1113:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140211The power of IQA is at it again allowing you to create ""live links"" to records and/or content based on the IQA result set.
76etouches - Design Your Agenda in eHome2014-02-122014-02-1212:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140212Learn how you can design your agenda in eHome using the Agenda Widget and Tracks
77Customize Your Event to Match Your Company Website2014-02-242014-02-2415:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140224Learn how to match your company website colors to create your new event in etouches, set up your fonts and the basic design steps for eReg and eHome
78RiSE Social Sharing2014-02-252014-02-2511:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140225iMIS20 allows for easy following or sharing of a page of RiSE content. We will walk you through the options and show you its power.
79Excellence vs. Perfection2014-02-262014-02-2610:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140226Let's work together to review and ensure we are each individually on the right path as well as our companies. When we strive for excellence success becomes obtainable.
80etouches - Steps to Create an Event2014-02-272014-02-2710:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140227Learn the basic steps in creating an event in etouches modules: eHome and eReg
81Risk Mitigation2014-03-032014-03-0311:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140303What are you doing to mitigate risks? Come listen to the Pros about best practices and ways to reduce your association's risk with technology projects.
82Emergency Requests2014-03-042014-03-0410:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140304Learn what qualifies as an emergency, the protocol (C) Systems has in place to handle the request, and the proper method of submitting an emergency request.
83Editing Reports in etouches2014-03-052014-03-0515:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140305Are you already using IQA for basic queries but want to know about advanced functionality? Come join us for an Advanced overview of the Intelligent Query Architect (IQA).
84Public View Event Setup2014-03-062014-03-0611:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140306If you utilize iMIS Public Views and want the steps to setting up a new event, look no further. Attend and learn how to configure a Public View Event.
85Reconciling iMIS to Paypal2014-03-172014-03-1710:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140317You have transactions in iMIS batches and in Paypal. This webinar will take you through how to reconcile those transactions.
86etouches - Conditional Questions2014-03-182014-03-1810:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140318Ever want to ask a question to a registrant only if they have selected a certain component of the event or meet certain criteria? This webinar focuses on the conditional question functionality of etouches.
87Crystal Reports on 64 Bit Systems2014-03-192014-03-1910:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140319Are you struggling with getting Crystal Reports to run on your 64 bit system? Our expert will review the necessary steps to make them play nice.
88CEUs 1012014-03-202014-03-2011:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140320Learn how to set up the CEUs for use within the Events Module, how to process attendance, and see where this data is stored on the member's record.
89Meeting Preparedness2014-03-312014-03-3114:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140331Running or attending meetings that aren't prepared prior to starting? Let's take a moment to review some of the necessary components to conducting an effective meeting.
90Database Health & Maintenance2014-04-012014-04-0110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140401Do you know what the ""health"" is of your database? Do you have defined steps to keep it running in tip-top shape? If not, attend and get some pointers.
91etouches - Discounts, Coupons and Special Pricing2014-04-022014-04-0211:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140402Experience the power of etouches when you attend this webinar and learn about the special pricing options you have available at your fingertips.
92iBEF - What is it?2014-04-032014-04-0310:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140403Find out more about ASI and executive level client engagement program, iMIS Business Excellence Forum (iBEF), and how it can help you! Don't forget - this is included as a benefit of the Software Update Program (SUP).
93How to Submit a Support Request2014-04-032014-04-0312:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140403ADuring this webinar our Help Desk Manager will show clients how to submit support tickets so they can be in the (C) Systems support queue. Properly submitting your requests ensures you get the attention you deserve.
214Basic Troubleshooting2014-04-062014-04-0611:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140406Come and find out what some of the steps you can take in your office to help resolve issues as they arrive.
94Screenshots - Are You Taking Them Properly?2014-04-142014-04-1411:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140414Everyone needs to take screenshots from time to time, but are you doing it the right way? Attend this webinar to get some tips and tricks on what to do and not do with screenshots.
95Mastering the iMIS Master Products2014-04-152014-04-1510:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140415Discover the iMIS Order's Master Products capabilities. No more need to have your website display multiple products that are all related such as Long Sleeve T-shirts in various colors and sizes.
96etouches - Session Planner2014-04-162014-04-1610:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140416Looking for a visual way to manage your session rooms and their times? Come take a look at the etouches session planner functionality.
97Kernel of Commonality2014-04-292014-04-2912:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140429We will review the concept and how you can use it to get make a difference at your association.
98Ticket Escalation Protocol2014-04-302014-04-3015:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140430Find out the escalation protocol (C) Systems has in place to handle your day-to-day requests to ensure you get the highest priority necessary based on the request.
99Where is That File?2014-05-052014-05-0514:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140505Get direction on where you are saving files, the best practices of where to save them and how to identify the locations on your workstation and/or server.
100Image Editing Do's and Don'ts2014-05-062014-05-0611:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140506What does the pro say in regards to image editing?
101How to Add Tracks to Your Sessions2014-05-072014-05-0713:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140507The etouches expert will explain some of the best practices with tracks and how in etouches you can add those tracks to the session configuration.
102Mail Merge2014-05-122014-05-1214:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140512What are the options if you want to do a mail merge?
215Reopening (C) Systems Support Tickets2014-05-132014-05-1310:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140513See how you can re-open a ticket that has been previously closed.
103etouches - Image and Document Database Control2014-05-202014-05-2012:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140520How to manage and clean up your image and document databases?
104Looking to Spice Up Your etouches Emails or eHome Site?2014-06-032014-06-0311:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140603AWe will show you how to use a table in an email or website, which can help improve the visual impact.
105iMIS - How to Adjust, Cancel or Refund an Event Registration2014-06-032014-06-0312:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140603BLearn how to adjust, cancel or refund an event registration.
106Indexes? Why and How to Use Them2014-06-052014-06-0511:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140605AOur expert will walk you through the reasons to have indexes, how they can help your system, and how to create them.
107Upgrade iMIS Planning2014-06-052014-06-0515:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140605BGet the skinny on the latest versioning when upgrading to iMIS 20.1. We will review the server operating system, SQL version, workstation operating system, bandwidth, and test environment configurations.
60Logins, Passwords, and Roles - Where and How?2014-06-072014-06-0715:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20131807Join us to learn where and how to control user's logins, passwords and security roles. How to reset them both as a staff member and directions to share with your constituency. And utilization of security roles for securing content!
108Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) - What You Must Know!2014-06-232014-06-2310:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140623If you are a not-for-profit communicating by email to Canadian members, non-members, or prospects, please join us to learn more about the new requirements and definitions of express/implied consent. We will share strategies clients are using and have an open Q & A discussion to help guide the policy decisions your organization will need to make to ensure compliance.
109Copying Colors into eHome Never Got Easier2014-06-232014-06-2314:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140623BThis webinar will walk you through how to copy colors when creating your event website in etouches.
111Are You Seeing Double?2014-06-242014-06-2412:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140624AThis webinar will discuss how you can work to prevent the duplicate records from getting into your database. And, what to do once they are in there.
110iParts Review2014-06-242014-06-2412:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140624Come and get a basic overview of the iParts that come with iMIS
112SCRUM Meetings2014-06-252014-06-2513:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140625How can SCRUM based meetings be used to effectively provide oversight and address issues during a project?
113Dues - What Are the Options?2014-06-262014-06-2613:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140626We will dive into the dues details regarding proration, bouncing renewed through dates forward, presetting start dates and special pricing.
114Events - iParts vs. Public Views2014-07-072014-07-0713:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140707Learn the differences in functionality between iParts and Public Views for the iMIS Events module.
115Love It, Hate It but You Can't Ignore PCI Compliance2014-07-082014-07-0813:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140708Security best practices and the most commonly asked questions.
116Want to Change Some of the System Wording for Your Event2014-07-092014-07-0910:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140709We will show you the simple settings behind the scenes in etouches where you can change wording such as field labels to make your user's online experience the best it can be.
117Recommendations for iMIS Application Pool Recycling Settings2014-07-102014-07-1013:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140710Confused about what the application pool recycling settings should be? Watch this webinar to hear the recommended settings?
118Dues - Adjustments and Processing Refunds2014-07-212014-07-2113:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140721Learn how to adjust cash dues billing and process full/partial refunds
119How to Determine Counts for Events and Functions2014-07-222014-07-2214:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140722Are you confused about the various counts within the iMIS Events Module? This webinar will outline which registrants are included in each count and how they are determined.
120etouches - Adding Custom Fields to Speakers and Sessions2014-07-232014-07-2314:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140723Are you needing the ability to track additional fields for your sessions and/or speakers? If so, look no further. During this webinar we will show you how you can add those fields to etouches.
121RiSE - Content Management Best Practices2014-07-242014-07-2411:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140724This webinar takes a look at the best practices around creating content and organizing the content.
122Communication Suite2014-08-112014-08-1111:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140811What is in the latest Communication Suite in iMIS20? Come get a peek.
123Take Your etouches Reports to the Next Level2014-08-122014-08-1212:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140812Attend and we will show you how to add views and filters to your reports so they drive home the data you are looking for each and every time.
124TaskCentre Advanced: Auto Create User Credentials2014-08-132014-08-1311:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140813So you have mastered the basics and are ready to see some of the more challenging functionality of TaskCentre. Attend and our TaskCentre master will shed some light on some advanced functionality.
125How to submit a service ticket to ASI?2014-08-142014-08-1414:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140814Want to know how to submit a ticket directly to ASI? We will take you through the steps.
126Service Central - Making Data Entry Smoother2014-08-252014-08-2515:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140825Get a glance of the module Service Central, and see first-hand how it can work to streamline the data entry process including payment entry.
127(C)onnect Tips & Tricks2014-08-262014-08-2614:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140826Attend if you are interested in learning some of the tips and tricks with using (C)onnect, the bridge linking iMIS and etouches together.
128Do you Need Custom Redirects for your etouches Events?2014-08-272014-08-2710:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140827We will show you what needs to happen to create the custom redirects for your event website URL.
129Relationships 1012014-08-282014-08-2815:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140828Learn the basics about Relationships from configuration, data entry tips, iPart usage and reporting.
130Requirements as Business Cases2014-09-222014-09-2211:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140922Review models for building a set of requirements through decomposition into individual business needs.
131etouches Overview2014-09-232014-09-2310:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140923BStill using spreadsheets to manage your events, or outsourcing your events? Watch and get an etouches overview showing how it can eliminate those nasty spreadsheets and allow for events to be managed easily internally.
132Hosting iMIS - Are You Confused?2014-09-232014-09-2313:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140923CAre you confused about your hosting options, the terminology, software and hardware such as cloud, ASI Hosting, EdgeWeb Hosting, self hosted, etc. Look no further. This webinar will discuss your iMIS20 hosting options in layman's terms from one of our subject matter experts.
133RiSE - Client Case Studies2014-09-242014-09-2413:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140924AOur expert will review real client case studies showing their challenges and how RiSE, the iMIS content management system, was the right solution to meet those online demands.
136etouches - Overview2014-09-252014-09-2512:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140925CStill using spreadsheets to manage your events, or outsourcing your events? Watch and get an etouches overview showing how it can eliminate those nasty spreadsheets and allow for events to be managed easily internally.
135When to Use What - SSRS/Crystal/IQA?2014-09-252014-09-2514:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20140925BHave you ever wondered when to use SSRS, Crystal Reports or IQA queries to pull data from your iMIS database? We will be discussing the pros and cons of each product to help users understand the differences. Through the knowledge gained, users will be able to make a knowledgeable decision on how to create the best report in the most efficient and productive manner.
61Security Settings - iMIS Modules & Content Author Groups2014-10-082014-10-0815:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20132208Keep yourself up to date in how to manage your staff's iMIS module security access as well as the content author groups security settings.
137etouches - Managing Databases2014-10-212014-10-2110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141021ADid you know that etouches has databases to store your data? Learn how to manage and use them to your benefit.
138Custom Business Objects2014-10-222014-10-2215:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141022ASign up for this webinar and learn how to create/edit business objects for use within IQA.
139New iMIS Certification2014-10-232014-10-2313:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141023ACome and get a glimpse of the new iMIS Certification module. You are sure to be wowed with all of the enhancements, including online functionality.
140Activity Importer2014-10-232014-10-2315:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141023BUtilizing the iMIS activity importer allows for quick entry of activities for many records. This webinar shows how to use this standard iMIS functionality.
142Graphical iPart Management2014-11-182014-11-1813:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141118BLearn how to modify the standard goal setting iPart and other graphical iParts.
141SSRS Reports Online2014-11-182014-11-1815:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141118AWitness the power of SSRS and iMIS. This session shows how easy it is to provide your members/donors with online reports from reprinting invoices/confirmations to transcripts and certifications.
143etouches - Sending Bulk Emails2014-11-192014-11-1911:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141119AWe will demonstrate how to send mass emails or modify mass records in etouches all at once.
144Custom Activity Types2014-11-192014-11-1913:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141119BLearn how to create custom activity types and how to link lookup tables to those activities.
145Resource Manager (RM) Overview2014-11-202014-11-2012:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141120ALogins, passwords, and roles—where and how?
146Chapter Management2014-11-202014-11-2014:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141120BiMIS has the ability to manage and track chapter memberships. You have the ability to manage all aspects of chapter data maintenance, billing, and reporting functions. You can even leverage chapter membership to power private communities promoting member engagement. Come take a look at iMIS Chapter Management.
147etouches - Building an Event Website Easily2014-12-152014-12-1512:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141215Using the eHome module in etouches you can quickly build an event site for your attendees, exhibitors and prospects, that matches your main site. No HTML experience required!!
148PCI Compliance for Websites2014-12-162014-12-1611:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141216ADiscuss how PCI compliance is handled by iMIS and how custom applications should be set up to mitigate against issues and vulnerabilities identified by PCI scans.
149Processing Refunds to Credit Cards2014-12-162014-12-1615:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141216BLearn how to process refunds to credit cards with or without the credit card number.
150Navigation Structure/Organization2014-12-172014-12-1710:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141217AReview best practices for your site's navigational structure.
151Program Manager Enhancements2014-12-182014-12-1812:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20141218AFind out about the latest Program Manager enhancements.
152Acquisition Management Introduction2015-01-192015-01-1910:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150119This great module allows you to import prospects while keeping them separated from your membership. Check out how you can use it to grow your association.
153Where's My Data?2015-01-212015-01-2112:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150121BEver wonder where iMIS stores the data you need for the searches or reports you are trying to create? Come join us for a peek into the back-end table structures of iMIS.
134AutoPay2015-01-212015-01-2114:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150121AHave you heard the buzz? iMIS now has a module that allows for automatic payment scheduling online. We will demonstrate this exciting new functionality.
154General Ledger Interface2015-01-222015-01-2212:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150122BInterested in saving time and automating your financial transactions to your accounting package? Then this class is for you.
155Going Mobile!2015-02-232015-02-2315:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150223Anywhere, anytime, on any device. An exciting core capability, iMIS 20 is now responsive to all your mobile constituents. Join us for a quick look at these new capabilities of iMIS20.2 and RiSE.
157Duplicate Merge Manager vs. iMerge2015-02-242015-02-2410:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150224BSee a product comparison of two great duplicate management applications and determine which is the best fit for your association.
156Fast Forms—See It in Action!2015-02-242015-02-2411:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150224ACheck out this add-on module that allows for amazing online functionality. We will take you through real client sites, looking at the power of Fast Forms. It's fast, intuitive, and easy to deploy.
159The iMIS Import Utility2015-02-262015-02-2612:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150226BHelp! I need to import this data into iMIS! iMIS comes with a built in import utility to insert records into your database. Join us to learn about this useful feature.
158etouches—Great Looking Event Registration Websites2015-02-262015-02-2614:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150226ADo you want to give your event registration websites the ""it"" factor? Take a guided tour of the etouches platform and learn about the options available to event planners to make your registration process look amazing!
161Using IQA""s to Display Member Data2015-03-182015-03-1810:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150318BWith the tight and instant integration of RiSE with your iMIS database, IQA queries are an integral component of building out a fully functional member profile. Join us for an overview of the out-of-the-box IQA queries and how their utilized in the standard profile pages. You'll also learn how to modify these IQA queries to create the reports to benefit your members.
160Transaction Adjustment: Module by Module2015-03-182015-03-1813:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150318ADo adjusting transactions have the best of you? Bring your examples with you as we discuss the way to, clear event registration, fix fundraising transactions, write off charges and issue credits.
162Ways to Utilize etouches Categories for (C)onnect Events.2015-03-192015-03-1913:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150319BWe'll look at how sub-categories can help make your events more accurate and registrant-friendly. We'll also include some ""iMIS friendly"" tips and tricks when synchronizing your event.
163etouches - Add Speakers, Attendees or Exhibitors Lists2015-03-242015-03-2411:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150324Join us to see just how easy it is to add a listing to your eHome website based on categories such as speakers, attendees or exhibitors.
164etouches - Using the New Agenda Grid in eReg2015-03-262015-03-2612:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150326Have you seen the new agenda grid option in eReg? Now you can view your agenda/sessions in a grid format. You can also make changes/edits and view the schedule by location/room. Join us to to learn the in's and out's of this module addition.
166Join Now: Online Joins in RiSE2015-04-212015-04-2110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150421BiMIS 20 now offers the ability to create an online join process for new members using out-of-the box tools. We'll show you the basics of how online join works, explore configuration options, and discuss when you may want to consider other tools for more complex situations.
165Import/Export: GL Interface and Multi-Entity Processing2015-04-212015-04-2114:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150421AIf you use Multiple Entities and you use GL Interface, iMIS 20 has a solution for you. Come see how to export individual files for each entity and have them ready for import into your accounting package. This webinar will show you how to setup multiple entities, due to/due from fields and set up your export file to create a unique file for each entity.
168(C)onnect - How to Fix Event Sync or Registration Errors2015-04-222015-04-2212:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150422BLearn how to use the etouches iMIS log report to find what errors may have occurred, how to resolve the problem and how to re-send the registration to iMIS.
167Event Logistics: Optimizing the etouches eBooth Module2015-04-222015-04-2214:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150422AJoin us to learn some tips on creating your exhibitor floor plans using eBooth. We will also show you how to sell/offer sponsorship opportunities during the registration process.
169eSeries: How to ""RiSE"" Above2015-04-232015-04-2311:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150423AStill have an eSeries website? Join us to learn how to transition to RiSE without losing your grip on reality!
62iPart Confirmations2015-05-082015-05-0812:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20132908Find out how to manage and edit the iPart confirmations.
170Using Event Setup in Staff View2015-05-182015-05-1811:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150518AJoin us as we create a real-world event and compare the event in the iMIS Staff View (iMIS20.2) with the iMIS desktop. We will work through the items you would need to update to use the desktop version. We will also demo the much-requested and newly released ability to sort functions by day, program, etc.Executive level planning & strategy conversations
171etouches - Checklist for Making Your Event Live2015-05-192015-05-1910:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150519Ready to make your etouches event live? Learn some steps to take before you make your event available for the world to see!
172Full and Casual Users, Who Can Do What?2015-05-192015-05-1914:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150519BConfused about full and casual users and access level assignments? Do you have questions on how to set up full and casual users or have questions about access levels? We will go over what levels can be assigned to casual users as well as full users.
173etouches - Do You Love Your Event Software?2015-05-212015-05-2110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150521ASick of using a spreadsheet to manage your events? See why etouches users love their event software and how you can, too! Join us for a 30 minute overview of how etouches can simplify your event management while integrating with iMIS. Bring your event challenges and we will discuss some solutions.
174Taking IQA to the Next Level with SQL and CSS2015-05-212015-05-2110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150521CThis webinar will cover tips and tricks for using SQL Expressions and CSS to bring new output capabilities for IQA to the web. If you're tired of all your IQA output looking like a grid in a spreadsheet, this webinar is for you.
175TaskCentreAdvanced: Workflow Tools2015-05-222015-05-2213:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150522AHarness the power of the TaskCentre Workflow Tools and the TaskCentre Web Portal.
176How to Create Custom Badge Templates for Badges and More2015-06-102015-06-1013:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150610ACreate full-page badges that include tickets, certificates, and letters - all using the etouches badge editor.
177Merging Contacts in the Staff Site2015-06-152015-06-1515:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150615AJoin us for a tour of the new contact merge feature in iMIS 20.2. You can merge data from two separate, duplicate contact records into a single contact record, directly from the staff site. Merge personal, financial, and historical data from both records into a single contact record. All duplicated information is then deleted.
178Pre-load Registrants in etouches and Validate from iMIS2015-06-172015-06-1714:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150617ALearn how you can pre-load registrants in etouches and then validate those registrants against iMIS. We will review the specifics of ""how to get it done"" is this webinar and we will cover the situations in which this applies.
179Working with Committees in Staff View2015-06-172015-06-1715:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150617BJoin us as we review Committees in the staff view. Learn what you should see on the member's profile. We also will review how committees can be used to maintain information on awards and/or volunteer activities.
180Streamline Online Event Registration2015-06-182015-06-1814:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150618BIf you have very specific rules related to event pricing that go beyond member vs non-member, then a SQL stored procedure can be created to identify the logged in user and their IMIS data to set a registrant class. Even better, the procedure can be cloned and adjusted for other types of events where the rules change. This webinar will review common scenarios and sample stored procedures.
181Getting Started With eProject and eScheduler2015-06-252015-06-2510:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150625AFor experienced event planners, the eProject and eScheduler tools that are part of etouches PRO will have a big impact. eProject allows you to manage the entire event process using basic project management tools. eScheduler is one of the several etouches tools used to help manage your event more efficiently.
182This Price is Right!2015-08-172015-08-1715:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150817ALearn how to used stored procedure pricing in iMIS to create multi-tiered pricing for events both large and small. Accommodate students, chapter members, first-time attendees and more.
183Master Mobile with HighRoad2015-08-182015-08-1811:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150818AMake sense of how your users interact with your organization using mobile devices. From responsive design to effective email templates this webinar will show you what needs to be done, how effective organizations are doing it and how you can make your digital communications more readable and useful.
184CSS Tips and Tricks2015-08-182015-08-1814:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150818BControl the appearance and functionality of your website with some handy tips about your cascading style sheet. This webinar is for users with existing knowledge of HTML and web publishing and some experience with CSS.
185Measuring Engagement with ASI2015-08-192015-08-1914:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150819AThis sizzling hot topic will help you understand what engagement really is, define your engagement goals, and start your engagement scoring journey.
186Tag! You're it!2015-08-202015-08-2010:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150820AExplore innovative uses of tagging to take your dynamic web pages to the next level. Learn about creating custom layouts using tags and discover how other organizations are using tagging to control and display content.
187Building Communities in RiSE2015-08-202015-08-2014:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150820BOnline communities are increasingly important to associations. Learn how to use the tools in RiSE to build out and launch successful online communities for your organization. See examples of what other organizations are doing - from basic styles to intricately embedded Communities content.
18810 Reasons to Use etouches2015-08-252015-08-2511:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150825AIn this lively and dynamic session learn the best ways to use the etouches event management platform in your organization.
190Powerful Ways to Use Informz with iMIS 202015-09-152015-09-1510:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150915BLearn about the deep integration of Informz email marketing with iMIS 20 and how your association can achieve powerful results using these two powerhouse tools!
189etouches - Master the Details for Your Big Events!2015-09-152015-09-1513:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150915AImport and edit agendas, set up surveys, create badges and reminder invitations. Before you know it you'll be ready to go!
192Leading Your Technology Transformation2015-09-172015-09-1712:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150917BBecome a transformational leader in guiding your association through technological changes, upgrades, and implementations.
191Update 2015: Program Manager, Room & Resource Manager Suites2015-09-172015-09-1712:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150917AGet the latest news about upgrades to the Program Manager and Resource Manager suites of products.
193Harness the Power of TapCrowd2015-09-292015-09-2915:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20150929CTapCrowd provides the only mobile event app you'll ever need. It integrates fully with etouches but can also stand alone. Harness the power of interactivity, reporting, collaboration and more.
194Introduction to (C)onnect2015-10-202015-10-2012:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151020AIntegrate etouches with iMIS and provide your registrants with the great etouches registration experience while still having registrations insert directly into iMIS.
195etouches - Promote Your Event Using eMarketing2015-10-212015-10-2113:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151021AMarketing for your event is even easier using eMarketing and it gives the recipient the chance to register or decline. This module creates a report so you can track the results of your marketing campaign.
197Planning Your Next Upgrade2015-10-222015-10-2210:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151022BSmart managers are always thinking ahead to the next upgrade. Learn helpful tips and get expert advice on how to start the process, what steps to take and how to plan and organize a successful and painless upgrade.
196Let's RiSE to the Next Level!2015-10-282015-10-2810:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151022ATips, tools, and advice on how to make your RiSE website even more interesting, compelling, and effective.
198Donations 1012015-11-172015-11-1712:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151117WiMIS offers powerful fund-raising tools. Donations 101 teaches you how to use these tools so your organization can make donations part of your online toolset.
199SQL 101 for iMIS Users2015-11-182015-11-1815:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151118WLearn the basics of using SQL as part of iMIS best practices.
201Maximize Your Email Marketing2015-11-192015-11-1913:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151119WUse the iMIS Communication Suite to maximize your use of email marketing templates and drive engagement.
200(C)onnect Best Practices2015-11-192015-11-1914:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151119Get the most out of (C)onnect through case studies of successful organizations.
202Correcting Fund-Raising Errors2015-12-152015-12-1514:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151215WFix the internal errors that cause issues in your fund-raising efforts and reports.
203Using SQL with iMIS2015-12-162015-12-1612:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151216WUse SQL for event pricing using stored procedures, build a business object from a SQL view, and build useful SQL scripts to help manage iMIS.
205Best Practices for Membership Communications2015-12-172015-12-1711:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151217HLearn to use digital tools to conduct effective membership campaigns, track and analyze responses, and make data-driven decisions.
204etouches and iMIS: Totally in Sync2015-12-172015-12-1712:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151217Learn how to re-synchronize and update your meeting definition from etouches to iMIS; add a session/function to your etouches meeting; create a new etouches category and update your iMIS meeting definition from etouches.
206Make it Members Only Using iParts2015-12-172015-12-1714:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20151217WCreate a members-only document library using the Tagged List iPart
207Overview of the Staff Site2016-01-202016-01-2010:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160120Learn the basics you need to work effectively in the staff site
209Introducing the (C)onnect 5.0 Upgrade2016-01-212016-01-2111:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160121B(C)onnect 5.0 brings great new features, better efficiency and solves problems. Learn about the new features before you upgrade.
208Managing Content Security Using IQA2016-01-212016-01-2113:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160121Use IQA groups to manage content security for committees, boards, ad hoc groups and more
210Finding Contacts in the Staff Site: customizing with IQA2016-02-162016-02-1610:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160216Leverage the power of IQA to change the out-of-the-box options for finding people and organization records in the staff site. Learn how to customize existing search queries and add new queries, in order to pull up profiles based on organization-specific data fields.
211Planning for a Responsive Web Design2016-02-172016-02-1715:0015:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160217Consider various factors relevant to implementing an effective web design that is responsive on all devices.
212Introduction to Fast Forms2016-02-182016-02-1813:0013:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160218ALearn how to use Fast Forms to create web pages for directly updating your iMIS contact and user-defined tables, and for creating custom web processes
213Reversing Dues Payments2016-02-182016-02-1814:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160218WCorrect dues-related errors with tools to reverse dues payments.
4Introduction to the Member Home Page2016-05-182016-05-1812:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160518This 30-minute webinar will examine the various dynamic content items that make up the RiSE sample member home page.
224Introduction to Event Setup in the Staff Site2016-07-182016-07-1800:0013:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160718Learn to set up iMIS events in the Staff site including: setting up sort order, linking functions together and allowing changes to the itinerary. The Staff site now allows the time to be entered for the event. In addition, this webinar will cover registering others and registering guests.
7iBEF NYC2016-08-102016-08-1009:0014:00#D86C50http://www.advsol.com/ASI/IMIS20/resources/events/Resources/register_now.aspx?recordID=NY081016The iMIS Business Executives Forum (iBEF) Conference is a half-day exclusive and complimentary event for association and non-profit senior executives to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to improve operational performance.
9Introduction to IQA Groups2016-08-102016-08-1012:0012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20160810Learn how to manage security on RiSE website content by using IQA to create and maintain groups dynamically.
8iBEF Boston2016-08-112016-08-1109:0014:00#D86C50http://www.advsol.com/ASI/IMIS20/resources/events/Resources/register_now.aspx?recordID=MA081116The iMIS Business Executives Forum (iBEF) Conference is a half-day exclusive and complimentary event for association and non-profit senior executives to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to improve operational performance.
6ASAE Annual Conference2016-08-132016-08-1610:0017:00#DEBC69http://annual.asaecenter.org/registration_information.cfmASAE is the essential organization for association management, representing both organizations and individual association professionals.
216etouches - New eReg Template2016-11-092016-11-0910:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20161109This 20 minute webinar will be presented by Donna Nocero of (C) Systems Global and is ideal for those who use our etouches event management software. So join Donna and check out the new eReg Template which will greatly enhance your attendee registration experience!
15Canadian Taxation Changes 20162016-11-232016-11-2310:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20161123Changes to Canadian sales tax rates occurred in several provinces in July and October. Have you updated IMIS to reflect those changes. If not, we can help.
10NiUG Canada Discovery2016-11-282016-11-2908:0017:00#717AB8http://www.niug.org/Canada/Events/2016_Canada_Discovery/NiUGCanada/Events/Conference/Discovery/2016/2016_Canada_Discovery.aspxJump start your career with the tools, strategies, training, & connections you'll make. Canada Discovery is your chance to learn new ways to expand your iMIS skills & knowledge, elevate your thinking, and drive your organization forward for years to come.
218IQA (Intelligent Query Architect) - The Basics and Advancements2016-11-302016-11-3014:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20161130WebLearn how to create simple queries and manager folder structures, while reviewing how to clone/edit existing queries. We will also cover adding parameters and control display and sort options.
14iMIS Engagement Scoring2016-12-072016-12-0710:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20161207iMIS takes a powerful concept and elegantly deploys a simple to use engagement scoring systems
217ASAE Technology Conference & Expo 20162016-12-132016-12-1408:0017:00#DEBC69https://technologyconference.asaecenter.org/ 
219MASAE 2016 Annual Conference2016-12-142016-12-1500:0000:00#DEBC69http://www.midatlantic-sae.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=838393The 7th Annual MASAE Conference & Exhibition Association Innovation: Building a Dynamic Organization December 14 and 15, 2016 Tropicana Resort
13Marketing Automation for iMIS2016-12-142016-12-1414:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20161214How are forward thinking organizations deploying Act-On and Hubspot
221Call for Papers / Abstract on eSelect2016-12-212016-12-2111:0011:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=201712211WManage your Call for Papers/Abstracts (Speakers) easily with etouches using eSelect. Integrates easily with your agenda in eReg.
222TapCrowd Demo - Mobile Event Application2017-01-042017-01-0410:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170104WLearn about the exceptionally robust mobile event app that integrates with both etouches and with iMIS.
223(C)onnect Now - Updates and New Integrations2017-01-042017-01-0414:0015:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170104B(C)onnect 7.0 brings great new features, better efficiency and solves problems. Learn about the new features before you upgrade
225Moving Beyond Out of the Box Process Automation2017-01-112017-01-1110:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170111WLet us show you how to move beyond the out of the box functionality of Process Automation and learn to send email messages throughout the day.
226Introducing (C)onnect 7.02017-01-112017-01-1111:3012:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=201701112W(C)onnect 7.0 brings great new features and better efficiency to your iMIS and etouches integration. Join us to learn what this newest version of (C)onnect can offer your event management team
230etouches for Associations2017-01-182017-01-1810:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=201701182Wetouches is a cloud-based suite of integrated event planning software tools that help event and meeting professionals perform every function in the event planning lifecycle. Join us and see how this platform works exceptionally well for the association market.
227TapCrowd Mobile App and iMIS2017-01-182017-01-1811:3012:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170118WContemplating a mobile app and wondering how it will integrate with iMIS? Andrew Southworth, IT Systems Administrator for the Canadian Labour Congress, will be discussing why he chose TapCrowd, iMIS integration, the functionality he is enjoying and feedback from live events where he used TapCrowd.
231What is FieldDrive? Hint: Innovative onsite registration and badging, tracing and digital signage2017-01-252017-01-2510:0010:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170125W2Join RocMe Founder and CEO, Danny Stevens, as he shares a breakthrough in event management - FieldDrive. Finally a one stop solution for onsite registration and badging, visitor tracing and digital event signage all in one platform. The FieldDrive portal connects your favorite cloud registration data or your excel to the live app's. This is your gateway to configure your events.
228An Introduction to (C)alendar for iMIS2017-01-252017-01-2511:3012:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170125W(C) Systems offers a new calendar option for viewing your events in your RISE website. The calendar display is a responsive, monthly view which uses color-coded events spanning one or more days. Let us show you how your organization could benefit from (C)alendar.
232Event Definition - New Features in iMIS20 via Staff View2017-02-142017-02-1410:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170208WEvents has received some updates in the latest iMIS releases. Learn to set up events in the Staff Site including: setting up sort order, linking functions together and allowing changes to the itinerary. Other new features include cloning events, using event templates, adding the time to the event definition and more. In addition, this webinar will cover registering others and registering guests.
233RiSE 101 - Creating and Editing Content2017-02-142017-02-1411:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170208W2Just getting out of the blocks with RiSE? In RiSE 101 we will teach you how to create and edit your content for your RiSE website.
234etouches - Before You Go Live2017-02-152017-02-1510:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170215WJoin us to learn important tips to make sure your event is ready to go live.
235SSRS Basics2017-02-152017-02-1511:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170215W2Learn how to create and modify an SSRS report for use by staff or to add dynamic content to your website. We will look at how to link your report to an IQA query, and the pros and cons of that approach. You’ll also see examples of how SSRS reports can be embedded in dashboards and web pages to create searchable formatted directories, invoices, receipts, certificates and more.
238Performance Improvement Workshop & Lunch2017-02-152017-02-1512:0014:00#DEBC69http://www.advsol.com/ASI/IMIS20/resources/events/Resources/register_now.aspx?reg=SEM&filter.meeting=DC021517 
240Performance Improvement Workshop & Lunch2017-02-162017-02-1612:0014:00#DEBC69http://www.advsol.com/ASI/IMIS20/resources/events/Resources/register_now.aspx?reg=SEM&filter.meeting=VA021617 
236Using etouches Templates2017-02-222017-02-2210:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170222WLearn how to use existing etouches templates and some simple updates to make your event web presence look beautiful.
237iMIS Billing - Accrual vs. Cash2017-02-222017-02-2211:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170222W2The main difference between accrual and cash basis accounting is the timing of when revenue and expenses are recognized. Let us show you how to configure the iMIS Billing module.
241Overview: Contact Merge Manager2017-03-012017-02-1511:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170301WJoin us for an overview of Contact Merge Manager. With iMIS 20.2 and higher, Contact Merge Manager offers the ability for Staff users to merge data from two separate, duplicate contact records into one single contact record. Personal, financial, and historical data from both records is merged to a single contact record and all duplicated information is deleted.
242Fast Forms and Duplicate Checking2017-03-082017-03-0811:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170308WJoin us to learn how to check for duplicates when using Fast Forms.
243Creating Email Templates in iMIS Communications Suite2017-03-152017-03-1511:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170315WJoin us to learn how to create email templates using the iMIS Communications Suite.
244What’s the Difference between Email Marketing & Marketing Automation2017-03-212017-03-2111:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170321WIf your organization is accumulating a growing list of leads with email addresses, it's probably time to take a look at marketing tools that will ensure effective digital interactions with those leads. Before you start looking at vendors and software platforms, you might want to begin with a basic question. What is the difference between email m
246eSeating: Running a Dinner Through etouches2017-03-222017-03-2210:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170322WLet us show you how easy it to run a dinner through etouches using the eSeating module.
247Company Administrator for iMIS2017-03-222017-03-2211:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170322W2Learn what a company administrator can do and how the company administrator role assignment differs from previous versions of RiSE starting with 20.2. Learn how a contact can be made administrator for multiple companies, and how the role assignments can be automated.
248SOA - An Introduction2017-03-292017-03-2910:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170329W2ASI provides a number of ways for us to manage our data in iMIS including the iMIS staff site and RiSE. However, there are APIs available that interact with the iMIS database to perform data and financial management tasks. The preferred API for these purposes is SOA. In this webinar, we will discuss the basics of SOA setup and programming examples that will run inside and outside of RiSE.
245RiSE 102 - Security, Roles and Users2017-03-292017-03-2911:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170329WA follow-up webinar to RiSE 101, in RiSE 102 we will address security, roles and users, and what are the differences?
250eBooth: Running An Exhibition Through etouches2017-04-052017-04-0510:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=040517WLearn how to run your next exhibition through the etouches eBooth module, including: creating exhibitor floor plans and selling sponsorship opportunities during the registration process.
251Fundraising 101 - So You Want To Do Some Fundraising?2017-04-122017-04-1210:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=041217WWhether you have iMIS Fundraising module or not, come see what iMIS can do for you. This webinar will be a High Level review of the iMIS Fundraising Module. This will be a fun filled tour of the Fundraising Module to include actual iMIS demonstrations of Campaigns, Multiple gift entries, Pledges along with some ways to make fundraising effect using iMIS.
252Accessing The (C) Systems Help Desk & Support Portal2017-04-122017-04-1211:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170412wJoin us and meet Yvonne, (C) Systems Help Desk Manager. She will show you how you can request help, get updates, and review the status of your requests through the (C) Systems Help Desk and Support Portal.
249Optimizing your iMIS Mobile Website2017-04-192017-04-1911:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170419WAnywhere, anytime, on any device. An exciting core capability, iMIS 20 is now responsive to all your mobile constituents. Join us for a quick look at these new capabilities and you can optimize them for your organization.
253Prorating Options For iMIS Billing2017-04-262017-04-2610:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170426WIMIS Prorating can manage many scenarios for organizations that wish to prorate membership fees based on join date. Come find out if there’s a solution for you.
254Options For Single Sign On2017-04-262017-04-2611:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170426W2Many organizations rely on multiple sites for their web presence. With all of these websites, it becomes necessary to allow your members to access various sources of content without multiple logins. In this webinar, we will discuss several single sign-in methodologies (C) Systems has implemented with environments using RiSE.
255Membership Excellence 20172017-04-272017-04-2708:0018:00#DEBC69http://memberwise.org.uk/membershipexcellence/A national conference dedicated to providing membership and association professionals with insight and support on how to optimise membership engagement, value and growth.
256digitalNow 20172017-05-092017-05-1107:0012:00#DEBC69http://www.digitalnowconference.com/digitalnow-2017.html?At digitalNow 2017, it’s time to mobilize courage by putting unique knowledge and skills to work to overcome the challenges before us.
262How Are Organizations Using Marketing Automation?2017-05-162017-05-1611:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170516W 
2572017 NiUG New Orleans2017-05-222017-05-2407:0017:00#DEBC69https://niug.org/Conference 
258XDP Xperience Design Project2017-05-232017-05-2407:0017:00#DEBC69https://xdp.asaecenter.org/Xperience Design Project (XDP) is a two-day, business-focused experience for association professionals and industry partners. If you plan, build, or support association events, you cannot miss XDP.
263PayPal & TLS 1.2: What You Need To Know and Do2017-05-312017-05-3110:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170531WIn this webinar we will explain the upcoming changes to PayPal and provide you with the step by step process needed to update your servers and workstations. If you are a C Systems Global Client, on iMIS 15.2 of higher and your ASI SU fees are up to date please join us for this webinar.
259ESSAE Annual Conference & Trade Show2017-06-012017-06-0108:0018:00#DEBC69http://www.essae.org/annual-conference-expo-learnThe ESSAE Annual Conference & Trade Show is the premier association management and meeting professionals conference and trade show in upstate New York
264PayPal & TLS 1.2: What You Need To Know and Do2017-06-152017-06-1511:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170615WIn this webinar we will explain the upcoming changes to PayPal and provide you with the step by step process needed to update your servers and workstations. If you are a C Systems Global Client, on iMIS 15.2 of higher and your ASI SU fees are up to date please join us for this webinar.
260ORGPRO 20172017-07-112017-07-1308:0017:00#DEBC69http://www.msae.org/ORGPROORGPRO is Michigan’s premier education and networking convention for professionals in the not-for-profit industry. This year, ORGPRO is "Different by Design." We've purposefully restructured the conference to include hands-on learning labs, high-energy and motivational keynotes and more networking opportunities.
278BluePay Payment Processing2017-07-122017-07-1211:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170712WThe team at BluePay talks about how payments are processed through a payment gateway on to reconciliation. And David Bennett, BluePay's Executive Vice President, Business Development, introduces a new bridge that allows you to easily make refunds through iMIS back to your BluePay payment processor.
267Using Marketing Automation Grow Event Registration2017-07-182017-07-1800:0000:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170718WEvery association executive knows that events drive a significant portion of the organization's revenue, but did you know that 30-40% of all emails that associations send focus on getting members to register? It's clear that associations are currently doing event marketing, but is it as effective as it could be?
272Using Marketing Automation to Grow Your Membership2017-07-182017-07-1811:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170620WYou need Millennials to join. You need Gen X to spend more & get engaged. You need Boomers to stick around. How do you do this in today's digital world when you can’t buy email lists, fax doesn’t work & direct mail is so expensive?
276How To Gain Deeper Member Engagement with Online Communities2017-07-192017-07-1910:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170719WJoin Higher Logic's Greg Pollack, Sales Enablement Manager, for a live webinar discussing how online communities drive deeper engagement with your members.
277CESSE 20172017-07-252017-07-2708:0022:00#DEBC69http://www.cesse.org/accesse17ACCESSE17 is the only conference devoted to the needs of leaders in all areas of scientific and engineering societies. The theme of this year’s conference is “Reinvention: Imagine the Possibilities.”
279Top 6 Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Managed Hosting2017-07-262017-07-2610:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170726WJoin Matt Horne, Strategic Account Executive, Edge Hosting, as he reveals the top 6 ways nonprofits can benefit from managed hosting
280Setting Up A True Perpetual Membership Using AutoDraft and Online AutoDraft2017-08-092017-08-0911:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170809WAutoDraft and Online AutoDraft help you set up a true perpetual membership program, making it convenient and efficient for your members (and staff) by setting up recurring monthly, annual, or one-time electronic payment through credit card, debit card or bank draft. Mark Jones, CAE, of enSYNC Corporation will show how AutoDraft works with iMIS to reduce operating costs, increase revenue
261ASAE 20172017-08-122017-08-1508:0015:00#DEBC69https://annual.asaecenter.org/Explore more than 400 companies that are showcasing cutting-edge technologies in the 2017 Associations Solutions Marketplace.
273Using Marketing Automation to Grow Event Registration2017-08-152017-08-1511:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170718WEvery association executive knows that events drive a significant portion of the organization's revenue, but did you know that 30-40% of all emails that associations send focus on getting members to register? It's clear that associations are currently doing event marketing, but is it as effective as it could be?
282LOOPD App: Attendee Engagement at Your Fingertips2017-08-162017-08-1610:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170816W2Looking for a mobile app that can take your event to the next level? LOOPD App allows you to create a feature-complete event app in no time with its unique blend of information, engagement and interaction features. Learn how to drive engagement from attendee activity, look & feel and a variety of features.
281A River Runs Through It: Content Workflow - POSTPONED New date TBD2017-08-162017-08-1611:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170816WJoin us for this webinar which will focus on RiSE Content Management particularly workflows from creation to publication.
2662017 NiUG Canada Discovery2017-08-172017-08-1800:0000:00#DEBC69http://niug.org/NiUGCanada/Conference_2017/2017_Canada_Discovery.aspxJoin us to network, share/learn techniques, approaches and methodologies to expand your conceptual and hands-on knowledge of iMIS
283Improving Member Engagement through RiSE2017-08-232017-08-2310:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170823WAssociations spend a lot of time working to improve engagement with their stakeholders. Most struggle with delivering meaningful content to their members and constituents. In this webinar we will look at best practices in using iMIS RiSE to create and promote useful content for driving members to log into your RiSE site, and managing user credentials for when they get there
284Introduction to the iMIS REST API2017-08-232017-08-2311:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170823W2The iMIS REST API is the latest programming interface available from ASI. It allows developers to quickly and easily interact with iMIS data using standard web operations instead of using additional libraries or being limited to specific programming frameworks. This is a wonderful new addition to the iMIS extension tool belt and is the recommended API for iMIS solutions
285Fixing iMIS Financials2017-08-302017-08-3010:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170830WData entry errors are part of life, but fixing these errors can just cause more problems. Learn how to correct or avoid some common data entry errors and why they happen in the first place.
286iMIS Chapters and Chapter Administrator2017-08-302017-08-3011:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170830W2Join us for an overview of changes to iMIS Chapters module in the latest version of iMIS and an introduction to using Chapter Administrator.
287Why Should I Upgrade to iMIS20 2017?2017-09-062017-09-0610:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170906WiMIS20 2017 helps organizations better connect with their members, donors, and other constituents — thereby deepening engagement, improving satisfaction, and increasing retention. With over 150+ new features and enhancements, including: Engagement scoring, Security and PCI improvements, and over 100 new reports, queries and dashboards We will explore the reasons why you should upgrade.
291Using Peer Influence to Get Thousands of Your Attendees to do Your Event Marketing for You2017-09-062017-09-0611:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170906WBInGo believes in the power of human relationships. For their client’s events this means attracting new attendees and increasing everyone’s satisfaction. They do this by inspiring your attendees to do word-of-mouth marketing 600% more than currently.
293etouches Event Management Solution: Love What it Can Do For You2017-09-072017-09-0709:0010:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170907WLove your event software! etouches is the event management platform with 15+ modules for all your event needs. Dealing with delegates, exhibitors or speakers can cause stress, but with the etouches tools it will allow you to complete everything from the site visit to the final confirmation and much more
269NiUG Canada: Vancouver Area Users Group Meeting & ASI Client Seminar2017-09-122017-09-1208:0017:00#717AB8https://www.niug.org/NiUG/Events/Calendar_of_Events/NiUG/Events/Calendar_of_Events.aspx?hkey=e94ea0e8-bdea-4bf3-aafa-717d9f4a4740 
294Digital Transformation: Leveraging the Merger of People, Process, and Technology2017-09-132017-09-1310:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=091317WBIn today’s fast paced business environment, top associations rely on a solid foundation of people, process and technology to maintain their relevance with members. In this webinar, Craig Dellorso, CEO & Co-Founder of Confluence Global, will talk about leveraging the merger of these three foundational elements to advance your organization's mission.
288LOOPD Badge – Passive Wearable to Capture Physical Analytics2017-09-132017-09-1311:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170913WThe LOOPD Badge is an award-winning, bi-directional sensor that attendees, speakers and exhibitors wear during your event. With its small size and extensive shelf life, this wearable is the epitome of small but mighty. Compatible with both iOS and Android, you can rest assured that all of your attendees will have no trouble getting up to speed.
292iMIS20 - One System to Engage Your Members2017-09-142017-09-1406:3007:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170914WBiMIS20 is the ultimate member engagement platform - a key industry differentiator that empowers you to create and personalise how your staff and members interact with each other. Find out how iMIS20 is the game changer in Association Management Systems
290Using Marketing Automation to Grow Event Registration2017-09-192017-09-1911:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20170919WEvery association executive knows that events drive a significant portion of the organization's revenue, but did you know that 30-40% of all emails that associations send focus on getting members to register? It's clear that associations are currently doing event marketing, but is it as effective as it could be?
295Visualize Your Data - Getting Started Using Dashboards2017-09-202017-09-2010:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=092017WAWhat good is your data if you don't use it in a meaningful way? Identifying Key Performance Indicators and visualizing your data for staff and constituents helps gain an understanding of what your organization is all about and guide your strategies for change. In this session you will learn what makes great dashboards, how to identify KPI's, and ways to get started building your dashboards today!
265Innovate 20172017-09-272017-09-2709:0018:00#DEBC69https://www.nimbleuser.com/innovate.htmlInnovate 2017, the newly reimagined Nimble AMS user conference, brings together the most nimble association professionals, partners, and sponsors in a new location -- Washington, DC! With a revamped program, design, schedule, and format in order to bring a more focused conference experience.
2702017 NiUG Discovery Conference2017-10-022017-10-0408:0017:00#DEBC69https://www.niug.org/NiUG/Events/Calendar_of_Events/NiUG/Events/Calendar_of_Events.aspx?hkey=e94ea0e8-bdea-4bf3-aafa-717d9f4a4740 
296Leveraging Your Volunteers to Unleash the Power of People2017-10-042017-10-0411:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=092017WBIMIS 20 has new options for Volunteer Management. Learn how to recruit and engage your volunteers, track availability and skills, record a history of volunteer hours completed and perform searches for available/applicable volunteers, when needed.
289Marketing - Promote Your Event with Email Communication2017-10-112017-10-1110:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20171011WDo you need a more efficient way to communicate with your event's target audience or attendees? With etouches marketing module, creating HTML and text email has never been easier. Save your spot for this webinar and learn how to seamlessly create email communication, easily track click-throughs, build custom reports and more.
299The Association Executive's Guide to Improving Organizational Performance2017-10-112017-10-1111:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=10112017WBIf your association is considering making technology investments anytime in the next few years join, Nathan Slovin, Director of Client Excellence Programs at Advanced Solutions International (ASI), as he shares proven best practice strategies, self-assessments, and results-based case studies from real clients to help you gain insight into what you must do if you want to adapt to the massive change
298Volunteer Management2017-10-112017-10-1111:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=10042017WiMIS 20 has new options for Volunteer Management. Learn how to recruit and engage your volunteers, track availability and skills, record a history of volunteer hours completed and perform searches for available/applicable volunteers, when needed.
275NiUG AP Discovery Conference2017-10-162017-10-1808:0017:00#DEBC69https://www.niug.org/Asia-Pacific/About/NiUGAsia-Pacific/About.aspx?hkey=040743b8-edc7-4b75-94d1-f10a317b6df2We are excited with the availability of the iMIS 2017 release and our conference program will give you access to all of the new features and functionality. The 2017 Discovery Conference will provide you with three days of professional development, and networking opportunities. We are pleased to launch the first iMIS 100/200 dedicated one-day stream.
300Using Marketing Automation for Greater Member Insight2017-10-172017-10-1711:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=10172017WMetrics are a key component of data-driven marketing as they provide a standard and consistent way to measure, understand, and track marketing data and results. They track key performances, progress, quality, efficacy, efficiency, and more. Although very useful, metrics can pose great challenges to associations because the volume of data can be overwhelming.
301Keep Your Mission Moving Forward - Strategies for Succession Planning2017-10-182017-10-1810:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=10182017WResearch shows that most associations have little or no succession planning in place & aren’t fully aware of how much the lack of it can cost their organization. This session explores how to develop and document procedures to ensure your organization’s work doesn’t come to a screeching halt.
302People - Finding, Retaining and Empowering your One Competitive Advantage2017-10-182017-10-1811:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=10182017WBPart 2 of our 4 part webinar series, Leveraging the Merger of People, Process and Technology, will focus on People, one of the three foundational cornerstones of any world class organization.
297Easily Customize Your Webpages with iMIS RiSE Layouts2017-10-252017-10-2510:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20171025WiMIS has an easy to use tool to create your own custom layouts that allow you to control how many columns or content areas you have on your page. In this webinar we will review out of the box layouts and demonstrate creating your own.
303Engage Your Members with Personalized Member Homepages2017-10-252017-10-2511:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=10252017WBOffering your members a customized experience contributes to increasing their engagement. In this session, learn how to personalize the member homepage based on member preferences. Roles, groups, and tagged groups among other things can be used to individualize your members’ experiences & ensure that the information that is important to them is only a click away.
306Does Payment Processing have you confused?2017-11-012017-11-0111:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20171101WJoin us for a look into the world of payment processing. Here we will help you understand what you should be paying and why, explain what "Interchange" is, and define the difference between a gateway vs a payment processor. Along the way you'll find out why so many clients trust BluePay to save them time and money.
304ASI Insights Day Europe2017-11-022017-11-0210:0018:00#DEBC69https://www.advsol.com/ASI/IMIS20/resources/events/Resources/register_now.aspx?reg=SEM&filter.meeting=EU110217Join the ASI Europe iMIS community for our invitation-only, annual client seminar to hear about the latest product updates, learn how to use our products in a more effective way, provide feedback, and most importantly network with your colleagues from the not-for-profit sector.
307AMS Fest2017-11-132017-11-1408:0017:00#DEBC69http://www.amsfest.com/AMS Fest is two loaded days where you’ll be elbow-to-elbow with other association executives, AMS consultants and AMS vendors that all want to engage in discussions around nothing but AMS.
305Ottawa Area Users Group Meeting and ASI Client Seminar2017-11-222017-11-2200:0000:00#DEBC69http://www.niug.org/Canada/NiUGCanada/Events/LocalMeetings/Users_Group_Meetings.aspx 
268ASAE Technology Conference & Expo2017-12-122017-12-1308:0017:00#DEBC69https://technologyconference.asaecenter.org/Technology and its advancements in the association community are made possible with ideation by professionals like you. If you can think it, you can create something that may revolutionize your career or your organization.
274Associations Congress UK2017-12-142017-12-1508:0017:00#DEBC69http://www.associationscongress.co.uk/The 2017 UK Congress programme is delivered over 6 streams and is packed with great content made up of educational talks, group discussions, networking opportunities, conversation hubs, and plenty of exuberance. If you are an association employee or anyone passionate about association conferences and events….. then you should register to come.
308Fall in Love with iMIS2018-02-142018-02-1413:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180214WIt's said that mature love is the most fulfilling and long-lasting. Undoubtedly, iMIS is the most mature AMS on the market with the longest relationship with the association community. The problem for most of us is that mature love just doesn't sound sexy and we haven't invested time into seeing what iMIS can really do in 2018.
310iNNOVATIONS 20182018-03-072018-03-0808:0017:00#DEBC69https://www.advsol.com/innovationsiNNOVATIONS is ASI's conference for iMIS Clients and members of the Partner Community.
311You Don't Need Luck, You Need iMIS2018-03-162018-03-1613:0013:45#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180316WAre you running your organization based on gut feeling and holding a four-leaf clover for luck? Modern associations are becoming increasingly data-driven and require key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards to provide insight into the various business units without getting mired in operational details. Additionally, associations are undertaking digital transformation and moving to a world view
313The Changing Landscape of Integrated Email Marketing2018-03-282018-03-2814:0014:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180328WHigher Logic has been a long-time staple with driving engagement of members. With the acquisition of two leading iMIS partners, Informz and Higher Logic, there is a lot to talk about. Time to get an update on the long term strategies of the Higher Logic’s products. The world of email marketing will also be addressed and you will learn more about the market and iMIS clients who are leveraging their
3092018 NiUG Regional Conference2018-04-042018-04-0608:0017:00#717AB8http://www.niug.org/conferenceJoin us this April to learn the latest iMIS trends and how to make them work for your organization. Leverage what you learn from sessions designed by iMIS users for iMIS users, solution providers in the exhibit area, and fellow attendees to boost your use of iMIS and help your association reach its goals.
312Power Your Association Business Metrics with iMIS2018-04-182018-04-1811:3012:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180418WIs your organization suffering from lack of measurement because you're too busy invoicing, emailing and stressing about event attendance? If you can't see the forest through the trees, then this webinar is for you. Take time with us to talk through dashboards available in iMIS that showcase modern business metrics associations are using to make decisions.
314Modern Membership Management2018-05-162018-05-1613:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=051618WMembership management has changed. Associations are overhauling their organizations in order to be growth-focused and splitting out acquisition and retention. Relying on principles of customer experience, new membership models are emerging that focus on lifetime value and incorporate content marketing practices with personalized tools that deliver the right content at the right time to the right
315Mid-Year iMIS Audit2018-06-132018-06-1313:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180613If you can believe it, we're halfway through the year! With many of us facing the ending/beginning of our fiscal year, it's a great time to take a pause and review the health of our iMIS platform. Join us as we go through how to assess your iMIS software focusing on upgrade points, new features and add-on products that you might want to consider adding into your next budget cycle.
318Marketing Automation2018-08-022018-08-0213:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180802WMarketing automation has been widely adopted across markets and industries as a standard marketing practice, but how are associations trending? Higher Logic would like to share new data from an industry survey of association professionals with C Systems users to explore the current state of marketing automation for associations.
316C Systems Mastermind Group2018-08-152018-08-1511:0012:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180815W 
320ASAE Annual2018-08-182018-08-2100:0000:00#DEBC69https://annual.asaecenter.org/The ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition is where thousands of association professionals and industry partners gather to exchange time, resources, strategies, solutions, and more. Over three days of learning, growing, and finding inspiration, attendees are equipped with a year’s worth of support in their daily responsibilities as leaders in the association industry.
32620 Minute Budget Breaker! Introducing Connect for MailChimp2018-09-052018-09-0510:0022:30#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180905WInspired by one of our clients to build a real-time bidirectional interface between iMIS and MailChimp, C Systems is pleased to announce the availability of Connect for MailChimp - our version friendly, cloud friendly integration between iMIS and MailChimp. Based on our popular Connect bridge for aventri, C Systems’ Connect for MailChimp meets an increasing need for our clients
325aventri - Is Your 2019 Event Budget Prepared for the Growth?2018-09-122018-09-1211:0012:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20180912WThe Meetings & Events industry is thriving – and expected to expand even more in the coming year*. Associations and nonprofits will see more meetings, more exhibitors, more attendees … Join us for a discussion on how to maximize the opportunities of a growing market. You’ll learn:
319Clowder - Making Mobile Effective2018-10-032018-10-0313:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20181003WWith a few clicks on their smartphones your members can skip the line to grab their coffee, check their bank balance, order groceries, and message friends while waiting for their Uber. Are you making it that easy to access your associations content and engage with other members?
3212018 NiUG Discovery Conference2018-10-082018-10-1008:0017:00#717AB8https://www.niug.org/DiscoveryJoin us this October to learn the latest iMIS trends and how to make them work for your organization. Leverage what you learn from sessions designed by iMIS users for iMIS users, solution providers in the exhibit area, and fellow attendees to boost your use of iMIS and help your association reach its goals.
3302018 iMIS Discovery Day2018-10-172018-10-1708:0018:00#DEBC69https://www.advsol.com/asi/IMIS20/resources/events/Resources/register_now.aspx?reg=SEM&filter.meeting=EU101718Join the European iMIS community for our invitation-only, annual client seminar to hear about the latest product updates, learn how to use iMIS in a more effective way, provide feedback, and most importantly network with your colleagues from the non-profit sector. This event is complimentary but seating is limited.
327Michigan iMIS User Group2018-10-172018-10-1710:0015:00#DEBC69 Calling all iMIS users based in Michigan! Join us for our quarterly user group located at SEMCOG in Detroit. This meeting will will feature the latest iMIS update information, roundtable discussion with our iMIS users of all experience levels, as well as SSRS training. There is no cost to attend, but we request that you RSVP in advance to be included for lunch.
329CSAE’s National Conference and Showcase2018-10-242018-10-2512:0017:00#DEBC69https://www.csae-conference.com/homeCSAE’s National Conference and Showcase brings together Canada’s leaders and decision-makers in the association and not-for-profit sector. They gather to learn, share ideas— and explore the best in products and services to help their organizations succeed. Register today to showcase your business and make direct connections with associations and NFPs seeking the best in innovative, sustainable
322Digital Excellence (UK)2018-10-312018-10-3108:0017:00#DEBC69http://digitalexcellence.memberwiseconferences.com/Digital Excellence 2018 (#DIGITALX2018) is the Membership and Association Sector’s leading annual digital focused best practice conference that brings together up to 450+ representatives of leading membership organisations/associations. This year our theme is: – Enabling Digital Transformation to Exceed 21st Century Member Expectations
328AMSFest - Washington DC2018-11-012018-11-0208:0017:00#DEBC69http://www.amsfest.com/What is AMS Fest? Thought Leader Sessions. Case Studies. Tactical and Strategic Breakouts. Platform Previews. More! Association TRENDS is thrilled to be a part of AMS Fest. We’re excited to bring you elbow-to-elbow with other association executives, AMS consultants and AMS vendors that all want to engage in discussions around nothing but AMS. You’ll be sure to hear talks related to any
323AMSFest2018-11-012018-11-0220:0017:00#DEBC69http://www.amsfest.com/Association TRENDS is thrilled to be a part of AMS Fest. We’re excited to bring you elbow-to-elbow with other association executives, AMS consultants and AMS vendors that all want to engage in discussions around nothing but AMS. You’ll be sure to hear talks related to any (and maybe all) of the following:
317How to Collect, Manage, and Share Conference Content Using an Event Management Platform2018-11-062018-11-0613:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=201811618WPurchasing the right technology solutions is one of the biggest decisions small associations must make. This can be difficult for a small team pressed for time when there are so many options. Join CadmiumCD to learn how you can simplify the process and save time by consolidating your call for papers, speaker and exhibitor management, and attendee websites and apps onto one platform.
331Process Automation and Personalizing your SSRS Report2018-11-142018-11-1413:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20181114WDid you know you can attach personalized PDF output from SSRS reports when sending emails through Process Automation? Join us to learn exactly how to add this exciting feature to your emails.
324ASAE Technology Conference & Expo 20182018-12-042018-12-0508:0017:00#DEBC69https://technologyconference.asaecenter.org/ASAE's Technology Conference & Expo is tailored to the needs of an increasingly technology-driven community. CIOs, CEOs, technology professionals, and other professionals with roles or interest in digital and mobile solutions can all find the education, solutions, and connections they’re looking for. Your colleagues at the Technology Conference may come with different experiences and expertise,
332“Turn and face the strange” - Alternatives to Crystal Reports2018-12-132018-12-1313:0014:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20181206WWhen planning for life without the iMIS Desktop, learn what the RiSE options are for re-creating your Crystal Reports. A brief overview of using standard RiSE reports, IQA and SSRS to replace your Crystal Reports. Join our webinar to discuss the alternatives to Crystal reports and how iMIS has the flexibility you need to fit your needs moving forward.
334RiSE Basics: Site Builder2019-01-232019-01-2311:0012:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20190123WWhen getting started with RiSE, as with any CMS platform, you need to learn to walk before you can run. Get introduced to RiSE basics starting with: The Site Builder.
335Fall in Love with iMIS2019-02-142019-02-1411:0012:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20190214WIt's said that mature love is the most fulfilling and long-lasting. Undoubtedly, iMIS is the most mature AMS on the market with the longest relationship with the association community. The problem for most of us is that mature love just doesn't sound sexy and we haven't invested time into seeing what iMIS can really do in 2019.
333aventri for Associations2019-02-262019-02-2610:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20190226WOverview of the platform and benefits of using aventri. aventri is a cloud-based suite of integrated event planning software tools that help event and meeting professionals perform every function in the event planning lifecycle. Join us and see how this platform works exceptionally well for the association market.
336RiSE Basics: Template/Theme2019-03-132019-03-1310:0011:00#3B7997https://www.csystemsglobal.com/eventpopup?EventCode=20190313WWhen getting started with RiSE, as with any CMS platform, you need to learn to walk before you can run. Let's continue our journey through RiSE Basics, and learn about: The Theme Builder.
3372019 ASI Innovations2019-03-202019-03-2108:0017:00#DEBC69https://www.advsol.com/innovationsiNNOVATIONS is the premier annual event for iMIS clients and partners. The event starts with two days of pre-conference optional training followed by two days of educational sessions, the popular app contest, a partner exhibit hall, and an evening networking reception.
3382019 NiUG Austin Conference2019-05-152019-05-1708:0017:00#717AB8https://www.niug.org/AustinJoin us this May to learn the latest iMIS trends and how to make them work for your organization. Leverage what you learn from sessions designed by iMIS users for iMIS users, solution providers in the exhibit area, and fellow attendees to boost your use of iMIS and help your association reach its goals.
339ASAE Annual2019-08-102019-08-1308:0017:00#DEBC69https://annual.asaecenter.org/about.cfmThe ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition is where thousands of association professionals and industry partners gather to exchange time, resources, strategies, solutions, and more. Over three days of learning, growing, and finding inspiration, attendees are equipped with a year’s worth of support in their daily responsibilities as leaders in the association industry.
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