One platform to rule them all – whether virtual, hybrid, in person or a combination

Plan, build and manage your conference from start to finish with Hubb event management software focusing on an immersive attendee experience, outstanding planning tools and dashboards that provide immediate insight to your event.

Create a sense of place

Beautiful virtual lobbies and exhibit halls welcome your attendees and give them a sense of place.

Be inclusive

Create inclusive events with different types of content and experiences that reach a wider audience.

Make it personal

Make is easy and fun for attendees by suggesting the best content, speakers, exhibitors and more with Hubb’s behaviorally based recommendations engine.

Let them add sessions

Give your attendees the ability to plan out meaningful connections in advance by scheduling both sessions and meetings online prior to the mobile app going live.

Bring the fun

It’s the little extras that make all the difference—whether it’s a virtual photo booth, custom mosaic or interactive games—we’ve got what you need to create fun and engaging online experiences.

Let them speak

Allow attendees to submit ideas and run their own round table discussions with our Brainstorm tool.

Forget thinking outside the box - there is no box

It's not in-person vs. virtual - it's anything you want it to be. Create beautiful, impactful, curated experiences whether attendees are on-site, remote or a bit of both.

  • Submission forms
  • Exhibitor Management
  • Expert, sales & attendee meetings
  • Session management
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Instant publishing of session updates
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Immersive digital experience
  • Staffing Scheduling
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