aventri Virtual Event

It's hard to deny that coronavirus is having a serious impact on the world and live events. Rather than cancelling your events altogether, Aventri partners can power your virtual events and continue to help attendees to connect better. 

Aventri, has always been a company that values in-person connections and building community through events. They also strongly feel that no employee or attendee should be put at risk if they feel uncomfortable participating in a meeting or event.

We have been working to find ways to provide you with solutions to continue to connect, learn, and build a community while honoring the safety and health of your attendees and staff however you deem best.

Create Virtual Experiences

Allow attendees to view a live stream of your event from across the globe and become full participants without the barriers of travel expenses and language.
  • Create amazing virtual experiences for any event with features including live & on-demand streaming and community moderation.
  • Increase your brand influence by live streaming your event to expose your content to a larger global audience.
  • Deliver an enjoyable, fully integrated registration experience. Effectively promote your event by leveraging the website builder and email marketing tool.
  • Maximize your event investment by reducing costs on logistics, technology, venue and headcount expenditures; allowing you to put your resources where they matter most.