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Presented by: Eric Tarasewicz, Web & Applications Specialist & Jeremy Wilson, Managing Director, C Systems Global

Originally Presented: 2/14/2018 1:00:00 PM EDT

Description: It's said that mature love is the most fulfilling and long-lasting. Undoubtedly, iMIS is the most mature AMS on the market with the longest relationship with the association community. The problem for most of us is that mature love just doesn't sound sexy and we haven't invested time into seeing what iMIS can really do in 2018.

This Valentine's Day we invite you to join our webinar to find out why organizations are falling in love with iMIS again. Associations that thought they knew iMIS are seeing sparks fly when they see what the platform and the iMIS ecosystem can offer. Where other AMS' have broken hearts, iMIS remains the steady heartbeat of thousands of associations worldwide.

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