You Don't Need Luck, You Need iMIS

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Presented by: Keith Perigo, Account Manager, C Systems Global

Originally Presented: 3/16/2018 1:00:00 PM EST

Description: Are you running your organization based on gut feeling and holding a four-leaf clover for luck? Modern associations are becoming increasingly data-driven and require key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards to provide insight into the various business units without getting mired in operational details. Additionally, associations are undertaking digital transformation and moving to a world view

that seeks to understand the entire buyer's journey from the first time a member or prospect saw a banner ad through website visit through a purchase transaction. Software that allows you to track the buyer and serve up a personalized journey is what organizations must move towards in order to meet customer experience demands. Moving to this world doesn't require luck, it requires iMIS. The only association management platform that is built from a configurable core to build personalized web experiences, iMIS is quickly becoming a lifesaver for organizations that are looking for ways to control infrastructure spend, simplify their enterprise architecture and deliver web experiences that are as agile as customers.

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