Forecast: Partly "Cloud"y with a chance of iMIS 20

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Presented by: Keith Perigo, Account Manager, C Systems Global

Originally Presented: 7/24/2019 11:00:00 AM EST

Description: Do you have burning questions about upgrading iMIS to a new version or migrating to the cloud? Our in-house iMIS expert, Keith Perigo, Account Manager, will help you demystify the cloud and discuss how you can make iMIS work for your association! In this webinar we’ll review iMIS Cloud versus traditional iMIS.

Join us as we breakdown the iMIS weather forecast to help you plan your next trip and answer some of the following questions: [*]What does it mean to be in the “Cloud”?[/*] [*]What is iMIS Cloud vs. iMIS 20 (traditional)?[/*] [*]What are the licensing changes related to iMIS Cloud?[/*] [*]How are the different versions of iMIS going to be supported going forward from ASI and C Systems?[/*] [*]What you should consider before upgrading?[/*] [*]How/where you can stay current to find out what’s new in both iMIS versions?[/*] [*]What are some trends in approaches from other clients?[/*] Technology, like the weather, is always changing. Do I need an umbrella or sunscreen? Attend this webinar and find out how you can be prepared for any forecast!

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