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C Systems Products: Overview/What's New
Sep 05, 2018
Jeremy Wilson, Director of Development, C Systems Global
Inspired by one of our clients to build a real-time bidirectional interface between iMIS and MailChimp, C Systems is pleased to announce the availability of Connect for MailChimp - our version friendly, cloud friendly integration between iMIS and MailChimp. Based on our popular Connect bridge for aventri, C Systems’ Connect for MailChimp meets an increasing need for our clients
iMIS: Best Practices
Feb 14, 2018
Eric Tarasewicz, Web & Applications Specialist & Jeremy Wilson, Managing Director, C Systems Global
It's said that mature love is the most fulfilling and long-lasting. Undoubtedly, iMIS is the most mature AMS on the market with the longest relationship with the association community. The problem for most of us is that mature love just doesn't sound sexy and we haven't invested time into seeing what iMIS can really do in 2018.
C Systems Products: How Tos
Nov 06, 2018
Joe Felperin | Director of Business Development
Purchasing the right technology solutions is one of the biggest decisions small associations must make. This can be difficult for a small team pressed for time when there are so many options. Join CadmiumCD to learn how you can simplify the process and save time by consolidating your call for papers, speaker and exhibitor management, and attendee websites and apps onto one platform.
iMIS: Overview/What's New
Dec 07, 2016
Jeremy Wilson, Managing Director, C Systems Global
iMIS takes a powerful concept and elegantly deploys a simple to use engagement scoring systems
iMIS: Overview/What's New
May 18, 2016
Eric Tarasewicz, Web & Applications Specialist, C Systems Global
This 30-minute webinar will examine the various dynamic content items that make up the RiSE sample member home page.
Digital Media: How Tos
Aug 02, 2018
Shayna McGroggan, HigherLogic
Marketing automation has been widely adopted across markets and industries as a standard marketing practice, but how are associations trending? Higher Logic would like to share new data from an industry survey of association professionals with C Systems users to explore the current state of marketing automation for associations.
iMIS: Best Practices
Jun 13, 2018
Steve Wooton, Senior Application Consultant
If you can believe it, we're halfway through the year! With many of us facing the ending/beginning of our fiscal year, it's a great time to take a pause and review the health of our iMIS platform. Join us as we go through how to assess your iMIS software focusing on upgrade points, new features and add-on products that you might want to consider adding into your next budget cycle.
C Systems Products: Best Practices
May 16, 2018
Marcus Smeeth, Senior Applications Consultant, C Systems Global
Membership management has changed. Associations are overhauling their organizations in order to be growth-focused and splitting out acquisition and retention. Relying on principles of customer experience, new membership models are emerging that focus on lifetime value and incorporate content marketing practices with personalized tools that deliver the right content at the right time to the right
C Systems Products: How Tos
Nov 14, 2018
Roger Abram, Project Manager & Senior Technical Lead | C Systems Global
Did you know you can attach personalized PDF output from SSRS reports when sending emails through Process Automation? Join us to learn exactly how to add this exciting feature to your emails.
iMIS: Overview/What's New
Dec 13, 2018
John Nicoletta, Senior Applications Consultant | C Systems Global
When planning for life without the iMIS Desktop, learn what the RiSE options are for re-creating your Crystal Reports. A brief overview of using standard RiSE reports, IQA and SSRS to replace your Crystal Reports. Join our webinar to discuss the alternatives to Crystal reports and how iMIS has the flexibility you need to fit your needs moving forward.
iMIS: Tips and Tricks
Aug 10, 2016
Judy Zatz, Senior Applications Consultant, C Systems Global
Learn how to manage security on RiSE website content by using IQA to create and maintain groups dynamically.
iMIS: Overview/What's New
Nov 30, 2016
Lori Bertrand, Senior Applications Consultant, C Systems Global
Learn how to create simple queries and manager folder structures, while reviewing how to clone/edit existing queries. We will also cover adding parameters and control display and sort options.
C Systems Products: Best Practices
Apr 18, 2018
Lori Bertrand, Senior Applications Consultant, C Systems Global
Is your organization suffering from lack of measurement because you're too busy invoicing, emailing and stressing about event attendance? If you can't see the forest through the trees, then this webinar is for you. Take time with us to talk through dashboards available in iMIS that showcase modern business metrics associations are using to make decisions.
Digital Media: Best Practices
Mar 28, 2018
Meghan Curtin and Jim Katz, HigherLogic
Higher Logic has been a long-time staple with driving engagement of members. With the acquisition of two leading iMIS partners, Informz and Higher Logic, there is a lot to talk about. Time to get an update on the long term strategies of the Higher Logic’s products. The world of email marketing will also be addressed and you will learn more about the market and iMIS clients who are leveraging their

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